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Identifying Newsworthy Topics for Your Healthcare Practice’s Press Release

The goal of a medical press release is to disseminate important news and information to a large number of publications simultaneously.

Background of medical press release writing, and the importance.

Press releases have the potential to be highly effective in the healthcare industry, but unfortunately, many lack in creativity and fail to engage or inform their audiences. This is particularly evident in B2B healthcare, where the standard format is often dry and unappealing.  This is why professional medical press release writing is so important.

As we navigate 2023, press release content is crucial for building a brand and growing a profitable business.  Press releases serve the purpose of grabbing the attention of your intended audience and journalists, creating brand recognition, generating publicity, and breaking news. 

Advantages of Distributing Press Releases for Your Medical Website

Distributing a press release for your medical business can offer a range of benefits that you may not have previously considered.

First, it can be an affordable way to gain exposure to a pre-existing audience. 

Second, a well-crafted press release can increase traffic to your website and potentially lead to more sales. 

Additionally, there are significant SEO benefits to distributing press releases, as they can help to improve your website’s search engine ranking. Even building a relationship with a PR firm through the distribution of press releases can also be advantageous for your business. 

Lastly, press releases provide a level of authenticity to your brand and can help you establish a new marketing channel.

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Identifying Elements of Medical Press Release Writing that Qualify as News 

In the healthcare, biotech, and pharmaceutical industry, several types of press releases are commonly used to communicate with the public. These may include: 

  • Product launches: Introduces new medical devices or treatments, as well as providing information about pricing and availability. 
  • New research findings: Highlights significant results from scientific or clinical research. 
  • Emergency announcements: Communicates urgent news such as safety issues or disease outbreaks. 
  • Mergers and acquisitions: Details organizational changes resulting from a merger or acquisition. 
  • Events: Promotes upcoming events such as conferences and webinars. 
  • New hires: Introduces new personnel and their roles within the organization. 
  • Award announcements: Shares news about awards received by medical personnel, pharmaceutical companies, or other healthcare-related organizations. 
  • Rebranding news: Announces changes to an organization’s branding and provides information about why the changes were made. 

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Distinguishing between Medical Press Releases and Blog Posts 

Some healthcare practices may conflate the differences between blog posts and medical press releases. While both are valuable forms of content, they serve different purposes. 

Blog posts typically provide helpful information on topics relevant to patients, such as scalp health or vaccine misconceptions. While informative, they are usually not considered newsworthy and do not necessarily relate to the practice or its broader role as a healthcare provider. 

In contrast, medical press releases focus on topics that are timely, newsworthy, and related to the practice. Additional examples may include announcements about new locations, staff attending conferences to learn new technology, or hosting community events like blood drives. 

Understanding the differences between blog posts and medical press releases can help healthcare practices craft content that effectively informs and engages their audiences. 

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