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Mythbusters-Style Content Marketing Part 2

In honor of Mythbusters' 10-year anniversary, we explore the Mythbusters' spin on the scientific method so your content won't crash and burn.

Mythbusters is an inspiration for content creators. It tells a powerful story by taking a theory, saying or myth and using the scientific method plus exaggeration to prove or disprove that myth. Content creators can use a similar strategy to prove their point with verbal fireworks instead of live ones. Here’s the four-step guide to disproving a myth, Mythbusters-style.

State the myth.

Use a common objection to buying or using your product or service. Let’s take the example of whether a health food store’s organic produce helps someone lose weight. Be honest about the myth, even if you don’t like how customers phrase it.

Propose a way to test the myth.

Start small and realistically. In the case of organic food, suggest a test that tracks what happens if someone eats organic once a day with no exercise.

Exaggerate the myth.

Move to a mid-range goal, like someone eating organic all day every other day. Then blow it up with the most extreme case possible – that someone only eats a specific organic meal for every meal for a month. Track their progress, and show how their body develops.

Conclude with a recap.

Mythbusters ends each myth with “Busted,” “Plausible” or “Confirmed.” Highlight the results from your realistic, mid-range and extreme tests and end with a strong final statement.

To make this format work, the hypothesis or myth must be clear and tested easily. It should also have an option to go to an incredible extreme. One of the reasons that Mythbusters is so fun is that it has these crazy experiments and results. Use that to your advantage and go for the outrageous but logical extreme of the myth you’re trying to prove. That outrageous case will bring additional drama and attention to your content.

Need more Mythbusters inspiration? Check out our first Mythbusters-style content post. Otherwise, get busting with some new content by ordering today!

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