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Oh! The Possibilities: Picking Orders That Work For You

At Textbroker, authors have the freedom to pick their articles. That’s part of the reason why so many authors love Textbroker. However, when you start to look at the Open Order pool, it can quickly become overwhelming. With so many options, how do you know which article to write? We’re here to help you choose!

While Textbroker is a great place to challenge your writing skills, it is important to find a balance between writing what you like and writing to generate income.

Consider these quick tips to use while previewing article briefings:


Shorter articles are usually easier and faster to write. The more articles you complete, the more author experiences you will have to help improve your style. This is critical in order to advance with Textbroker. However, longer articles have a bigger payout. Some authors simply enjoy investing themselves in longer articles. Over time, you will learn the length that promotes your productivity.


Some article briefings come with an explicit outline. This blueprint is great for jumpstarting the creative process. Other clients provide a broad briefing, which can be less limiting. Experiment with both styles to discover your preference. Broader briefings may be easier to write when you know the topic well. If the subject matter is not as familiar to you, structure may be useful.


Many clients on Textbroker request certain keywords for search engine optimization. However, not all keywords are created equal. Look at the requested keywords carefully, and try using them in sentences before you accept the article. Using three or four keywords in a 400-word article is relatively easy, but if the client wants a higher density, you need to be sure you are up for the challenge.


You are paid by the word, but your effort encompasses more than your word count. If an article requires substantial research, make sure that the payout is worthwhile. Check the briefing to see if your sources need to be cited. Moreover, what type of sources are acceptable? Your familiarity with citations may determine whether or not you select the article.

The Right Orders for You

With these considerations, it is possible to pick articles that are interesting, engaging and profitable. These distinctions are mostly a matter of opinion. You simply have to figure out your preferences. Then, you look for article briefings that best match those preferences. Learn more about how to navigate article briefings, and start looking for your next article.

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