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Online Authors

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Online Authors: Brief Explanation

An online author creates content and prepares it for publication on the Internet. These are usually based around text. But even multimedia content such as videos, photos and graphics are an important part of the work of online newsrooms. Online authors can work for media companies or institutions.

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Online Authors: Detailed Explanation

Online authors write and edit articles for the Internet. They can either work for offline media, such as newspapers, magazines or television stations, and prepare their content, or their information can be created directly for the Internet. They can create content but also do exclusive research on the Internet. They can work in standalone or as editors for companies.

In traditional journalism, writing was based off of research and reporting, but reading habits on the Internet differ from traditional media. Viewers glance over Internet content for specific information and look for noticeable anchor points such as subheadings and images. In addition, the ranking plays a crucial role in the success of websites in search engines. For these reasons, different rules for writing content for print media apply for writing web content.

Good web content is:

Good online editors use relevant keywords in the right places of the text – in the title, the headers and the meta description.

Requirements for Online Authors

Working as an author on the Internet is the same as working offline. Of course, knowledge of journalism and writing is essential for online authors, but there are further requirements:

  • HTML knowledge: HTML is the standard markup language of the Internet. It stands for the consistent formatting of text. To make text clearer, it should dominate the most important tags (headings, paragraphs, links, lists, etc.)
  • Dealing with Content Management Systems: To include editorial articles, images and videos in an online presence, familiarity with content management systems is necessary. Integrated CMS systems are, for example, Typo3, Drupal and WordPress.
  • Knowledge of search engine optimization: Besides posting content to your website, there are special ways of optimizing your search engine ranking. These involve relevant keywords in the appropriate frequency and filling in meta tags in the content management system.

Along with the aforementioned skills, expertise in website design, image processing and social media experience is an advantage for online authors.

Online Authors at Textbroker

At Textbroker, authors work on many projects. Whether post blogs, journal articles or product descriptions, Textbroker assumes the acquisition of orders. Registered authors can choose from all sorts of subjects and thousands of jobs depending on their rating.

Textbroker authors can decide whether they make use of the OpenOrder pool available at their star level or write for specific customers, DirectOrders, or join a team on a specific project. For authors, Textbroker is completely free. You can write whenever and however much you want, and thus it provides a flexible income.

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After a survey of editors from “Journalism in 2020,” the majority of journalists predict that a variety of newspapers will no longer exist, and print media will dramatically lose importance. Given this information, it is increasingly important for editors to adapt to the demands of the Internet. Online editors are set up for success when they posses writing skills, HTML knowledge, SEO knowledge, experience with content management systems as well as the creation and visualization of multimedia content.


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