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What Online Work Can Offer Retirees

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The 21st century hasn’t been the friendliest to retirees, especially in the United States. Even in 2018, the retirement age is slowly creeping up. Costs of living have grown out of pace with social security benefits, and the retiring population is less content than ever to stay in their hometown and live a quiet life. As retirees become increasingly interested in traveling, finding new experiences and spending time with loved ones, it makes less sense to stop earning income. Unfortunately, for many seniors, this has meant going back to work in a traditional part- or full-time job.


How can you balance the financial demands of today’s world with the desire to spend the best years of your life where you want to be? A traditional job is at odds with travel and time flexibility, so an increasing number of older people are turning to entrepreneurship. Owning your own business means setting your own hours and often doing more fulfilling work. While being your own boss offers many benefits, such as getting to be actively involved in your community, choosing who you work with and making your own rules, starting a business can be a huge drain. Most of us aren’t financial gurus. Paying bills, writing invoices, making sales and finding customers are time-consuming tasks that can take you away from the people and activities you love.


The Freelance Future


We’ve written about the gig economy before. Freelance work offers the benefits of being your own boss, such as setting your own hours, without the trouble of running a full-fledged business. Freelancers do all kinds of work, from delivering packages and transporting people to writing code and designing websites. If you’re looking for possible jobs for retirees, freelance work may be the best option to consider. From 2012 to 2014, freelance jobs in hospitality (such as renting out a room or condo) and transportation (rideshare) saw growth between 17 and 69 percent, more than double that of the respective traditional markets.


But much like owning a business, certain types of freelance jobs require assets and a lot of legwork. To be a rideshare driver for a company like Lyft or Uber, you need a car. This means either putting wear and tear on your own car or paying to rent a car. These are both expensive. Worse still, rideshare drivers often make very little money for their time.


Similarly, renting out a room requires owning or leasing a sufficient space and a significant amount of cleaning and maintenance. A lot of cities are also working to outlaw short-term housing rentals. This isn’t to say that driving in your spare time or renting out an extra room are bad ideas; they simply require a lot of extra planning and make it very difficult to travel.


Benefits of Online Freelancing


Showing possibilities


The ideal freelance solution for retirees who want to travel, set their own schedule and avoid the hassles of traditional entrepreneurship is an online one. When you work online, the world is your office. Work-from-home positions are ideal for travelers and those with disabilities. While many online freelance jobs require technical skills such as coding or web design, freelance writing is ideal for older people who are comfortable writing and communicating but don’t want to learn a whole new skillset. By finding a trustworthy online company to work with as a contractor, you can avoid the hassles of owning your own business or going to work in an office and still enjoy the freedom of a business owner.


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Brian Winch 12. July 2018 - 1:01

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Alexander Jacques Sabucido 1. April 2019 - 3:39

Having an online work at home is the norm and it’ll be a very big help for those who are planning retiring and able to still have an income after retiring.


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