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Ordering a Press Release is Easy!

What's important when ordering a press release? This article tells you what writers need to know.

Your company has big news, and you’d like to get in front of journalists and reporters for exposure. Or you’ve read that press releases get great backlinks for SEO, and you want to test that theory out. You already know the press release basics.  Textbroker’s thousands of authors are ready to write your press release quickly and affordably. Here’s how to set yourself up for success:

1. Choose The Press Release Category

This lets our authors quickly find your order, and it simultaneously tells them that you’re looking for a press release. Although it may be redundant, tell the author you want a press release in your instructions as well.

2. Enter Your Topic In The Title

Your topic needs to be newsworthy to a reporter. New employees or an office relocation are always newsworthy topics. Charity, celebrities and contests are almost always newsworthy. New products can be newsworthy if they are either absolutely groundbreaking or related to a current topic.

This second tactic, called newsjacking, is used by companies who sponsor backstage gift baskets for movie awards, for example. Another case of newsjacking would be a company that makes bomb detection devices releasing a new product in the wake of the recent tragedy at the Boston Marathon.  Newsjacking does carry a risk, though. A running shoe maker that tries to leverage the tragedy may come away with more damage to their reputation than positive coverage.

3. Give Complete Information

Give your writer a briefing on your product or service, the outline of why it’s newsworthy, and any information about the type of journalist you’re trying to reach. You can include links to your site to save yourself time explaining what your products or services are.Don’t forget to give your city and state, along with your company name. Most press releases include a quote. Your author can craft this for you. Please include the name of the person to whom the writer should

4. Order Quality

Journalists are writers and heavily allergic to spelling and grammar errors. Invest wisely in your content, and choose the best-quality writers available. It would be a shame to have the release written, pay for distribution, and have reporters turn up their noses due to a typo. Our 5-star authors are familiar with press release formatting and are guaranteed to provide top quality. Get your public relations campaign started for SEO benefits and additional exposure.

Order your press release today to start getting high-quality links and interest from journalists!

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