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Whether your company is gearing up to create a new website or relaunch an existing one, publish a new brochure, create blog articles or populate social media channels, one thing is always needed: Content. Along with web design that is responsive and visible, high-value content plays the major role. The focus should be on the user: They should be well provided with authentic and trustworthy content, stay on the site for as long as possible and find all the information they need to motivate them to make a purchase. In short, the right content can ensure an optimal user experience and a successful customer journey.

Produce Content In-house or Outsource the Writing Process?

This is one of the first questions faced by every marketing professional. The answer, of course, depends on whether you can fall back on the necessary know-how within your company or whether you still need to build up that knowledge.

One thing is certain: Convincing website content packed with quality SEO is the be-all and end-all for companies of all kinds. It is no accident that, according to a study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, the costs of content creation in the B2B section is rising and more than half of all companies outsource the content creation process.

Often, companies start off without a content strategy that correctly captures the goals and target audience. As a result, the text they create can lack the necessary focus, so it would be better to let professionals start off on the right foot. Experienced copywriters have mastered the necessary skills, so they can inspire online readers with a wide variety of content including all of the following:

  • Press articles

  • Blog posts

  • Landing page content

  • Product and category descriptions

  • eBooks

  • White papers

Of course, every copywriter has their favorite style of writing and even their favorite subject area. Depending on how specific the desired content should be, you can choose specialized project partners that fit your specific content needs.

What Challenges do Marketers Face in Content Creation?

Many companies are not in a position to produce excellent content in-house. At the same time, many of these companies lack the time to do so at the required frequency. It can be challenging for non-writing professionals to generate ideas for content that can be published on a continuous basis, yet regularity is so important in content creation and publishing.

Have you ever thought about why you gravitate toward certain content online but skip over other pieces of content, clicking away after a few seconds? The simple answer is that because valuable content gives you the answers you need exactly when you need them. Accurate content marketing, therefore, meets the pain points of the user, and that quality has online endurance. Of course, great content doesn’t just fall from the sky!

A lot of businesses already outsource services like search engine optimization and web design. So it makes perfect sense that it is also getting increasingly popular to outsource copywriting, letting professionals tackle the job of content creation. For clients, this poses a new challenge. Who should you hire to create your content, and how difficult is the process to find the right creative partner?

Ultimately, you will need to find someone who meets your objectives and has a writing style that suits your needs. Not every author will be the right fit, so starting from a pool of creatives is ideal. This way, you can narrow down the options and get in touch with someone who can understand your needs and communicate successfully with you along the way. The result will be content that conveys important facts and emotions, awakens the desire to read and attracts the attention of the preferred target group. This can all be done with the right tone, vocabulary and structure. High rates of engagement often depend on the subtleties that differentiate true text value from meaningless words that don’t add value to the reader’s life. This process means that not every writer can be the right fit for your brand.

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What Makes Professional Copywriters So Special?

  • They put their heart and soul into their writing projects. They are creative and can advise you on optimizing your content strategy.

  • They can put themselves in other people’s shoes and understand the perspective of the reader.

  • They are reliable, stick to deadlines and will keep you up to date on progress.

  • They are ambitious, patient and critical of their own work.

  • They can handle criticism and use feedback to improve their content.

  • Many copywriters are already part of your industry’s network, so they are familiar with what other businesses and organizations are doing or have done in the past.

  • Copywriters are familiar with SEO best practices and can add visual elements to improve your content.

The Potential of Outsourced Content Creation: A Brief Overview

The Advantage of Freelancers:
Direct Exchange

While quality content is a top priority, keeping costs low is also a necessity for many businesses. Freelance writers usually do not have to maintain large offices, which means they can afford to charge less than large firms. You can also skip the expensive placement costs and communicate directly with the writers, not with their staff. All of these measures keep costs down without sacrificing the quality of the content.

Communication with freelancers

The Advantage of Platforms:
Scalable Capacities

Platforms, particularly online platforms, mean greater choices for clients. This model is scalable as well as timesaving for many businesses. On a platform, a wide range of authors with a wide range of topic experience are ready and waiting to create your content. These authors will write according to your budget and in the language and quality level that you need.

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The Advantage of Agencies:
Secure Processing with Quality Guarantee

When clients go to a single source like an agency, they might work with a single person every step of the way through the process. That point person will ensure that you find the correct writer with the right level of experience in your field. There is also usually a guarantee in place should you be unhappy with any aspect of the work.

Quality Guarantee

The Advantage of In-House Copywriting:
Face-to-Face Communication

It is true that having in-house writers can streamline the process of content creation. You can communicate directly with writers in a face-to-face conversation whenever necessary. Of course, this option means a long-term investment to set up a full editorial department.

Face-to-face communication with inhouse writers

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It is not just about price;

it is about what you can get for that price. In all honesty, budget limitations are a reality for most businesses. At the same time, there is often a concern about establishing set prices. Some might be worried that content will be too short, especially because the word count does matter for user and SEO purposes. To be a major player in search engine results pages, it is necessary to play to the algorithms and reach certain text lengths for certain topics. Of course, you still want content to be of a high quality and add value for the reader.

A solution to this dilemma is to pay by the word. In this way, you can clearly define how long you want each text to be, hitting minimum markers without overpaying. To achieve this balance, a clear briefing and instructions for the author are a must. In your briefing, you will want to include all of the following points:

  • How extensive should the article be, and how do you want it structured?

  • What is the target audience for the content?

  • What kind of tone or voice should the article have?

  • Can you provide any hints or tips about meaningful keywords or relevant resources?

Your Potential Content Partners Put to the Test


Content Creation Solutions

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Freelancer: The freelancer market is booming thanks to the growing desire for flexible work. Especially when it comes to the online industry, it is easy to hire freelance writers who enjoy short-term projects and challenging, interesting topics. Many have worked for other companies in the past, and they maintain that knowledge and experience. Since freelancers usually calculate their workload on an hourly or word-by-word basis, they can be far less expensive than an editorial staff or an agency. Over time and across multiple projects and collaborations, freelances can feel like an addition to the company, and a business relationship can develop.

Nevertheless, using freelancers in this way does mean you will need to work to find the right author and network. You will also have to have enough time to coordinate and check the delivered texts and be responsible for uploading finished content and paying invoices as needed.
Content creation with a freelancer
Agencies: If you opt to work with an agency, you will get a comprehensive, well-rounded approach to content creation. Copywriters who work at an agency are often as comfortable dealing with customers as they are with navigating the world of search engine optimization. Furthermore, agencies may assign specific copywriters to your project because those writers have the right experience to meet your needs. Many businesses rely on agencies for specialized, reliable writers.

One concern about working with an agency is the lack of flexibility. Agencies are dealing with a number of clients at any given time, and depending on your budget and the scope of your project, other clients might come first. Furthermore, agencies can charge higher rates than other options. There may be monthly fees, planning costs, promotion fees and more. The costs and the allocation of resources is not always transparent, so it may take some time and effort to determine the reliability and efficacy of any one agency.

Clients should also be prepared for the initially high time expenditure involved with working closely with an agency for content creation. Agencies typically want to start by clarifying all the expectations and preferences of the client during an initial consultancy process. This aids in delivering tailored content to clients, and it helps protect the client brand and corporate identity throughout the content creation process. This is also an opportunity for clients to establish preferred communication patterns and dictate the goals and objectives of your content strategy. Otherwise, you may end up spending a lot of money without achieving your content goals.
Content creation through an agency
DIY: For smaller companies, start-ups or any businesses looking to keep costs low, the do-it-yourself approach to content creation might sound tempting. After all, you and your employees know the brand better than anyone else. However, knowing everything about your brand or your target audience does not necessarily translate into effective, persuasive or compelling writing. Without the right training and experience, you may end up putting a lot of time and effort into content that is not truly effective for your desired audience.

Another major issue for the DIY set is time. If you are running a business, you already have a lot on your plate. Rather than struggling with content ideation, grammar and SEO best practices, you could be doing market research, placing ads or working directly with your customers.

One option that falls under the DIY approach is to bring copywriters directly into your business. Having in-house writers on your team is certainly an advantage, particularly if you invest in trained, knowledgeable and skilled writers. An in-house copywriter may be ideal for spontaneous projects or last-minute ideas that need to be implemented right away. This individual or team of individuals can also internalize the company’s goals and be in close communication with staff every step of the way.

Of course, there is no denying that hiring in-house copywriters will come at a higher cost. While large businesses may have enough content needs to keep writers busy on a regular basis, your company may not need an entire writing or editing team. The issue of scalability is a big one, and hiring full-time employees to handle copywriting locks you in to a set amount of production day in and day out.
Do-it-yourself content creation
That’s why, rather than entrusting the topic of content marketing to someone from your company or marketing department, it’s a good idea to apportion the appropriate resources and hire dedicated, qualified, in-house copywriters.

Of course, this requires an intensive induction of the new team member and a permanent job is always associated with higher fixed costs, as well as the risk of whether the selected candidate is really suitable for the job. However, this gives you the opportunity to add real expertise to your company with copywriters who can bring your topics and themes to light again and again. In the case of spontaneous events that need to be communicated to the outside world, you can react more spontaneously with your own copywriter. And as your editorial staff only writes for your company, you can rely on unique, top quality content. Ideally, the result will be journalistically-valuable articles that can enrich your communications enormously – ideally over a number of years and with a constantly growing understanding of the company’s products, services and specific target group. Of course, there is always a risk of operational blindness and text production is only scalable to a limited extent. But if you just need a strong slogan or a tip for important correspondence, your in-house copywriter can help you. The main advantage of this model is the close cooperation and the fact that permanent copywriting staff quickly internalise the company’s goals.
Content creation with an in-house-copywriter
Copywriter Platform: If you opt to source your copywriter through a copywriter platform, you can expect to have a lot of control over the decisions you make from one project to the next. With each order, you can go through the process intuitively and with ease as you navigate from the order entry screen to the programming interface and then the optional final quality check. The financial side of placing each order is just as clear and is clearly defined in advance so that you can avoid a lot of unnecessary paperwork. Gone are the worries of employer contributions or the hassles of evaluating invoices and making payments in a myriad of different ways.

Working with a copywriter platform allows you to seek out writers who want to write for you. Essentially, these writers can register and pick out the jobs they want to have, which means they are often excited and have knowledge about your chosen topic. They can also opt to work when they are most creative and focused, regardless of whether that happens to be day or night. This is incredibly practical for businesses that require projects to be completed within a short time frame or those who are under a time crunch. As a bonus, businesses can commission content in a number of languages since large platforms are filled with writers who speak a multitude of languages fluently.

As you navigate through the order process, you might also notice that you have an incredible amount of control over each text that you commission. You can control the linguistic quality of the content through the amount that you are willing to pay. If you have a high-volume order, there is no additional expense since multiple writers from a larger writer pool can tackle orders at a fast pace. Having access to such a wide pool of writers is arguably one of the biggest benefits to ordering through a copywriting platform.

Often, the hardest part of working with authors through a copywriting platform is getting started. After all, the right authors may not be ready to start at the exact time that you are. Fortunately, it is easy to work with multiple authors at the same time to get the ball rolling and start your project. Many businesses find that putting together a team of authors is the ideal way to connect with multiple talented writers, and it accommodates quick turn-around times and last-minute orders.

Over time, you might find that a certain writer or set of writers consistently delivers the content you like best, meets your expectations and embraces the voice of your brand. In these cases, you may rely more heavily on a single author, allowing you to streamline the briefing process once you have an established relationship. Working with fewer authors who you can trust can also be an excellent way to maintain a consistent voice over a long period of time or over multiple channels, like blogs, content pages and social media networks.

Although you are free to communicate directly with authors, the platform can also be a kind of mediator. This is someone who can step in if there are communication problems between author and client. The platform can also enforce guidelines or initiate sanctions should there be any inappropriate or unreliable behavior.
Content creation platforms

Expertise Meets Formulation Talent: The Benefits of Outsourcing Content Creation

The results of this comparison are clear: Companies who outsource content creation are largely able to save both time and money. Of course, it is entirely possible to split up the job and tackle some of the process in-house while leaving the writing to professionals. For example, you might opt to develop ideas or drafts on your own, and a platform for copywriting allows you to tackle each project in a new way.

Regardless of where copywriters are employed, they all have a unique skill set. These wordsmiths come in many varieties, which means that there is always a writer available who is suitable for you. In such a large pool of copywriters, there is always talent at the ready.

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