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Overcoming Thin Content to Dominate Your Niche Market

Not all web content is equal. While some packs a hefty punch that makes it easy to create an impact on diverse audiences, other digital marketing materials are weak and lifeless. If you want your marketing strategies to feel robust, then you’ll need to ditch your thin content for something a bit more substantial.


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The problem is that it’s not always easy to rethink the materials that power your outreach. If you’ve been building up product descriptions, guides and manuals according to your content strategy for months or years, then it can be tough to switch gears in search of more rewarding returns.

Fear not, because we’ve got the answer. Here’s what we’ve learned through years of hard work beefing up content that lacked the force it needed to engage audiences.


Start With Your Shortest Content

Most jobs are easier when you break them down into component tasks. Instead of trying to tackle the Herculean trial of rethinking all of your content at once, start small: Improving existing product descriptions is a cost-effective way to exchange thin marketing material for premium content.

Product descriptions have massive potential because they’re among the last things that people read before deciding whether to make purchases. Since search engines favor organic content that accurately reflects what real humans search for, beginning here can help you align your e-commerce content and SEO practices. The same concept applies to other concise web content assets, like product category blurbs and page headers.

Product Description Example


Short, well-organized product descriptions let readers scan easily, provide useful information and help search engines index your pages.


Use Meta Descriptions to Your Advantage

When most people think of meta descriptions, they’re only considering how search engine robots use them to learn what’s on a page. A good strategy, however, is to also use them as an honest source of feedback.

Suppose that you follow Google’s recommendation to generate meta descriptions programmatically and include tagged facts for each page. Looking at what kinds of ideas appear in your meta tags can give you a thematic starting point for further expansion.

Have you noticed any reoccurring themes in your meta descriptions? It’s a safe bet that these concepts are worth explaining to readers, which brings us to our next point.


Develop a Business Blog

Blogging is the perfect way to tie your business themes and products together. For instance, a company that sells business IT hardware might create DIY guides covering common usage cases, such as how to set up router firewalls or expand wireless office networks.

Making each piece of content more meaningful strengthens your entire library of marketing materials.

Blogs let you provide genuinely useful information that establishes you as a reliable authority. Even if someone doesn’t start buying your products right away, the fact that they’ve come to view you as more trustworthy might influence their purchase decisions down the line.

Building your authority is critical in niche markets that often suffer from overly technical explanations or a general lack of information.

Enrich your blogs by integrating new information into ongoing content strategies. For instance, you can share press releases and project launches in greater detail than you have space for in social media announcements. Since blogs are longer-format content, they naturally support themed writing and authentic brand storytelling, so you can construct narratives and guide users on more exciting journeys.


Tie Things Together With Social Media

Social media content is often quick and dirty, but that doesn’t mean you can settle for filler. No matter what you’re doing, every post should be humorous, explanatory or informative or provide readers with some other kind of value.

Are you particularly proud of a specific article or DIY tutorial? Bridge the gaps between these examples of heavy-hitting content to connect them back to other parts of your web presence.

Many regular Textbroker clients ask authors to provide Facebook and Twitter posts to accompany blogs. You can take this idea to the next level by using social posts as callbacks to earlier marketing material and non-competing outside content. Sharing tips, controversial articles and links are all wise tactics for social media dominance.
Why only share an image or video clip when the words are just as important? Add smart descriptions, hashtags and evocative language to make your visual content posts more attractive to those seeking useful information.


Only Use High-quality Content

Poor writing makes thin content even weaker. For instance, bad grammar is harder for people to read, and when it’s hard to read something from start to finish, readers are less likely to complete the voyage. In the end, all of the interesting information that you packed into your content might as well have gone to waste.

Good grammar, spelling and formatting make your information easier to absorb. Thought-provoking ideas are often complicated, so they travel further when the sentences that support them are easy to comprehend.

Although a search engine might not notice the difference between a poorly written webpage and a literary masterpiece, your readers certainly will. Ordering content that adheres to rigorous quality control standards is one of the best ways to make your digital presence more information-rich. Are you ready to stand out in your niche?


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