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Press Release

  • Brief explanation
  • Detailed explanation
  • How to write a press release
  • How to create a successful press release
  • Conclusion


Press Release: Brief explanation

Press releases inform members of the press about the news of companies, institutions or associations. They aim to influence the perception of the company in the public through editorial coverage in the media.

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Press Release: Detailed Explanation

A press release is a public information tool. Businesses create content about the company and release it via a newswire such as PR Newswire or GlobeNewswire so that journalists and bloggers have access to the information. The hope is that the press will create an additional story about the press release and publish it to their network of readers.

How to write a press release

There are established standards for writing a press release. When a press release is written correctly, it increases the chance for publication. Tips for building a press release:

  • Choose an appropriate and interesting headline, keeping it short and interesting so editors notice it.
  • Always write the place of publication and the date.
  • Discuss  the most important topic at the beginning of the press release.
  • The first paragraph should contain basic “W” questions (Who, What, How, When, Where and Why).
  • The body is space for details and background information. Names and numbers make messages more concrete, and accurate quotes give the release credibility.
  • Below the press release, include the most important information about the company, such as founding year, industry, customers, etc. Also, link to the company website and contact information.

How to create a successful press release

With so many press releases, editors may not read everything on the newswire. Follow these tips to create a press release that stands out:

  • Relevance: Send press releases only when you really have something important and new to say. Ask yourself this question: Why is this content important for journalists? What is new, current and special?
  • Distribution: Address your message to a personal contact instead of a general editorial address so that it is not lost in a mass mailing. The address of the appropriate media representative or Influencers increases the chance of a publication. Build a press distribution list and send press releases regularly.
  • Timing: Pick a good time to send your release. It is better in the morning instead of the afternoon to send its information.
  • Language and style: Use simple sentences and few technical terms. If technical terms are unavoidable, explain them. In contrast to advertising, press releases should be informative and objective.


Press releases are an important part of building relationships with the media. To be noticed, companies need to create relevant, thoughtful releases that will get noticed by journalists, editors and influencers.


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