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The Road To Success Is Paved With Realistic Goals – And Persistence

In her previous post, meaghan explained how sheI ran across Textbroker in the first place. After over a year of unemployment, she realized that Textbroker held real potential for earning a full time income. In this post, she outlines how she tested her theory – and ended up proving its validity.

First of all, I’d like to thank everybody for all of the interest in this blog. I am paying close attention to all of your comments, and plan on addressing many of your questions in the weeks to come. In my previous post, I explained how I ran across Textbroker in the first place. After over a year of unemployment, I realized that Textbroker held real potential for earning a full time income. In this post, I will outline how I tested my theory – and ended up proving its validity.

Getting Started With Textbroker

When I was first approved as a writer at Textbroker, I started out at a level 3. I regarded that three as a challenge and decided that I’d get it up to a four as quickly as possible. In other words, I immediately set a goal for myself. Thus began a running theme in my career at Textbroker: setting small, attainable goals – then working diligently towards achieving them. I crafted each and every article with extreme care, then waited with bated breath for acceptance – and feedback – from clients.

The responses that I received right from the start heartened me considerably. The level three articles that I’d been fulfilling were being accepted quickly, and generally included an “excellent” rating as well as friendly and very positive feedback from the client. Funnily enough, I didn’t even realize that clients could add optional comments; when I discovered that feature, I started keeping my eyes peeled for the telltale “CR” on the Assignments/Statistics page.

Textbroker quickly rated my first batch articles, giving each one a “4” rating and bumping me up to become a level four category writer. Again, I was thrilled with the feedback and the positive reinforcement by the Textbroker staff. Like many others, I’ve worked jobs where positive feedback is absolutely unheard of; the ratings by the Textbroker staff and the positive comments by the clients inspired me to keep plugging along. Having achieved the goal of getting promoted to a level four, I decided to aim for a level 5; why not?

As I worked continuously toward improving my rating at Textbroker – and new, more lucrative assignments became available to me – I finally turned my attention toward how much I’d been actually earning. Without even realizing it, I’d already been making pretty good money just by pushing myself to increase my rating. Excited by this discovery, I came up with yet another goal: to earn at least $20 per day. Again, it was another small, easily attainable goal – and I planned on achieving it.

I quickly realized my goal of making $20 per day, then ran into a roadblock: how could I ever hope to exceed that amount when I wasn’t intimately familiar with every single topic that was posted on the site? Again and again, I’d seen comments on the Internet from people saying it was impossible to earn a living with Textbroker because you are limited to writing about topics that you know. What I wanted to know was, why did people impose this arbitrary limitation on themselves?

Obviously, the problem of doing research is what threw so many people for a loop. From the start, though, I wrote based on the concept that I wasn’t studying these topics to take a final exam on them at some point, or to write a thesis on them. I simply needed to peruse the Internet for concise articles about my chosen topic, get a good enough feel for it – then write away. I quickly found that one well-written, informative article on a topic was worth a dozen Wikipedia entries; I started leaving that $20 per day goal in the dust.

While all of these discoveries were happening, I was also making regular contact with clients who were happy with my work. From those interactions, I started receiving my first DirectOrders. The possibilities were truly starting to blossom – every goal I’d made had been achieved so far – and I was growing more and more optimistic about making a living this way. Due to my personality type, I certainly had no intention of resting on my laurels, but I could see a path emerging – and I liked what I saw.

In my next post, I will discuss how I broke into writing DirectOrders. I’ll talk about how to solicit more work from the clients that you’ve written for in the past, and how to keep them coming back for more. As always, I will keep an eye on your comments and will do my best to address the issues that are being raised. I genuinely want to help others be successful at Textbroker, believe that hard work does pay off on the site – and, by the way, definitely am a real person!

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87398 5. March 2014 - 0:21

Juana – I know it sounds like forever, but I feel the time was worth it to improve my skills.  I still have doubt every time I click submit because people are paying over $50 for some of my work, which blows my mind.  If you're farther along than I was, could be much faster for you.
RHLwriting – You will get faster.  I suggest you pick a few topics you want to focus on and look for articles on those subjects.  It will require less research and you will grow more confident.  I ended up with far more knowledge than I would have ever expected about basic legal issues and HVAC systems thanks to Textbroker! 

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