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The Secret to Online Advertising

In 2018, 89 percent of American adults are online at least once each day. Among Americans ages 18 to 29, that number jumps to a staggering 98 percent. If you want to advertise effectively to your audience, you simply have to be online.

custom content is the secret to online advertising


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While there are plenty of ways to advertise online, there is one thing that ties together all the most effective methods: custom content. In today’s world, clients and readers see through blatant advertising. Instead, they want to find content that offers value whether that is through entertainment or education. Readers that find your custom content will associate your brand with value, and they will be more likely to turn to you in the future. Find out some of the ways that custom content could be the secret to your successful online advertising strategy.

Custom Content Is Fresh

As you might guess, content saturation refers to the amount of content that already exists about a certain industry, event or specific niche. In order for online advertising to be successful, it has to stand out from the vast amounts of content that already exists. Even in an industry with low content saturation, you’ll want your content to be noticeable and unique. Custom content is one way to make that happen. When content is written to order, it can target the exact subjects or issues that are most relevant and exciting to your desired audience.

Many companies also run into the issue of writer’s block. If one person, or even a team of people, writes the content for your website day in and day out, the content can start to feel too similar. Hiring an author for custom content is a way to inject a fresh perspective in your advertising campaigns. A fresh voice can reshape your content dramatically, and sometimes that is exactly what is needed to bring in a new audience for your brand.

Custom Content Encourages Engagement

Content marketing and advertising has several goals, one of which is to relate to readers and build a true connection. In order to develop that relationship, communication has to go two ways. It can’t just involve the brand distributing information and content to a large audience. However, getting readers to participate in the relationship can be challenging. Achieving engagement isn’t easy, but custom content can help.

One of the great things about using custom content is that it can be written by someone who understands your audience. While your brand and your business might work closely with buyers or consumers, that doesn’t always translate into a voice that can truly connect. With the right content, your business will be able to elicit a response. Readers might share your content with their own social networks if it is appealing enough. They may also respond with a comment on a blog post or even make a direct phone call to learn more about your company. In a world where there is constant internet connectivity but it is difficult to make a true connection with a reader, custom content is a proven strategy that delivers impressive results.

Custom Content Saves Time When Putting Together an Ad Campaign

One of the biggest misconceptions about content advertising is that there is only one way to use content as an advertisement. In reality, custom content can be tailored to your specific advertising needs. Large or small, direct or subtle, informative or persuasive, content comes in countless varieties.

In some cases, businesses need short and snappy ad copy. That can definitely fall under the category of custom content. Content writers can also craft email newsletters, which can foster a deeper connection between your brand and your customers. Daily, weekly or even monthly email correspondence arrives right in the inbox of your audience, reminding them of your continued value even after a purchase has been made.

Custom content is also a great choice for social media. There are sometimes limitations on how long a tweet, a Facebook post or an Instagram caption can be, but that simply means that it is even more important to be succinct and entertaining in fewer characters. Custom content can be tailored to the social media platforms you use the most.

Custom content is also a natural fit for blogging. Having a blog is a savvy way for businesses to reach a wider audience through SEO, and it brings new eyes to your website without appearing too much like direct advertising. In order to appear in search engine results pages, however, blog content needs to be SEO-friendly and valuable. Getting custom content can definitely increase your chance of being seen by more people at any time.

Customized Smart Content Is Scalable

Anyone who has worked to put out exceptional content knows how long it can take. Researching topics, finding SEO keywords and writing valuable, meaningful text isn’t an easy task, especially if you are devoted to other jobs at the same time. That’s why it is often advised that companies scale up when producing content for their brand. Rather than starting over every day and writing a new social media post or working on a new blog post, it makes sense for the content creator to tackle all the content as one large project. It’s more efficient if you can take on several pieces of content at once.

As a bonus, this approach allows content creators to tweak the content in order to be useful to specific audiences. You can make changes to evergreen content and create fresh content that addresses certain issues. If you don’t have a team of writers devoted to content creation within your brand, you can assign the task to qualified authors at Textbroker who produce fresh content for a living.

While there is no magic key to online advertising, custom content certainly comes close. With the right custom content from Textbroker, companies can scale their content creation, save time, approach advertising from a variety of angles and better connect with their audience.

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