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SEO content writing services are crucial for modern businesses

Leveraging SEO content writing services should be the backbone of your digital marketing strategy. It takes consistency and effort to gain search engine visibility and draw organic traffic to your website. Just like the owner of a physical store, you need to employ strategies of engagement and attraction to attract new visitors. One of the best ways to drive potential customers to your website is to publish quality content continually. That is what Textbroker does — we deliver engaging, SEO-friendly content at scale.


How SEO Content Services Improve Visibility

In today’s world, your website is your best marketing asset. With more customers purchasing online, your website resembles a brick-and-mortar storefront. Before making a sale, you must attract customers to your website to see what you offer. This process begins when a potential customer searches for something on the web. Your rank on the search engine results page (SERP) is crucial in getting them to visit and look around.


SEO content services help bring visitors to your page on an ongoing basis. Once customers are on the page, they must see engaging content that entices them to stay and look around. Poorly written content will not instill confidence in your brand, and they will click out and go to one of your competitors. Today’s digital marketing landscape is as much about the quality of your content as the quantity you put out. That is where professional SEO content writing services can help.


Textbroker’s Approach to SEO Content Writing Services

A successful marketing campaign begins with developing a robust content strategy. At Textbroker, we provide SEO content writing services through our professionally vetted freelancers. We start by learning about your business and defining the goals you want to achieve with your content. Here is how the process works.


The Onboarding Process

The key to a successful digital marketing campaign begins with the onboarding process. Onboarding is when our professionals take the time to get to know your company and its brand. In this phase, Textbroker analyzes the content you already have on your website to identify any existing gaps or improvements needed. During this phase, we will help develop a strategy to help your business increase traffic and achieve its content goals.


We will also schedule a kickoff meeting between you and your Textbroker content manager. During this meeting, we want to know what you need from us. You can provide us with any details that you have already developed. These can include timelines, details, and briefings about the project and work that you have completed. This meeting is about establishing communication, and we can clarify any questions or issues you might have during this time. The kickoff meeting ensures everyone is on the same page and working toward common objectives.


Ongoing Workflow

After the kickoff meeting, we will take your briefing and develop a set of instructions for our authors to follow when writing the content. You will have a chance to review it and make any changes before we hand it over to our professional writers to begin working on your project. Our SEO content writing services give you complete control over the process from beginning to end.


Once you have approved the content briefing, your content manager will begin finding authors with the right background and experience to create engaging content that will keep the reader’s attention. The content manager will also:

  • Perform title and topic creation if needed.


  • Conduct keyword research if needed.


  • Establish a schedule for ongoing updates and meetings.


  • Process content feedback from you.


  • Optimize content delivery and publication.


Your content manager‘s job is to ensure the process runs smoothly and you receive content that meets or exceeds your expectations. We will often conduct a pilot round of between two and five articles for you to approve before we begin the primary content campaign. All your content is plagiarism-checked and sent to our team of editors for a quality evaluation before being passed on to you.


Publishing Process

The last step of our SEO writing services is publication. Once the content is ready for publication, we will deliver it in the format you need. If you like, we can publish your content directly on your platform/site. This process allows us to create a consistent content strategy that will meet your objectives from start to finish. We coordinate with your marketing department throughout every phase of our SEO content writing services.


Keyword Research Is the Key to Success

Keyword research is essential to develop an effective strategy for SEO content writing services. Keyword research uses tools to find out the search terms your customers use to look for products and services like yours, but it goes further than this. Your internal marketing team already knows your target audience and how they behave. Our team at Textbroker integrates what your marketing specialists know about your market into the keyword research strategy.


Many companies have already conducted extensive keyword research. We can combine this information with what we know about SEO content and develop a keyword strategy that gets results. Suppose your company still needs a keyword strategy or an extensive marketing campaign. In that case, our content managers can help you develop what you need to drive organic traffic to your webpage.


Writing Content for Both Search Engines and Readers

SEO content writing services have a dual task in writing content that will rank high in search engine results and be engaging enough that readers will want to stay. Authors must be able to form a connection with their audience from the first sentence to the last. Ensuring content matches your brand and intention requires researching your product or service and using best practices when writing every piece. SEO writing services must prioritize the reader’s needs and give them the information they seek in a clear and concise format. If readers cannot find the information they want quickly, they will click away from your website and go elsewhere.


One of the challenges of SEO content creation services is that potential customers want engaging and valuable content. Still, they do not always use standard English grammar when searching. Our authors create content that considers the human element but still meets the needs of keyword optimization. Striking that balance takes training and a thorough understanding of digital marketing and the writing craft.


Good SEO writing should flow smoothly and move from one thought to another. All our writers strive to achieve this. Our system has checks and balances to ensure that the writing you receive contains strategically placed keywords and provides value to the customer. SEO content should grab your audience and hold them from the first sentence, have engaging headers, and appear in short paragraphs for simple reading. These concepts are the key to standing out on the internet and connecting with your audience.


How Do You Ensure the Content Aligns With Your Brand Voice and Messaging?

Your brand has a unique voice and message to your audience, and your content needs to reflect that. When hiring SEO content writing services, the writers must convey the message with the same tone and style your customers know and love. Content managers must coordinate with your marketing team to get the message right and ensure everything is on brand.


Textbroker has several layers to ensure our writing delivers a consistent message reflecting your brand. We have a dedicated team of authors who thoroughly research your brand message before they begin to write. Then, we have a multiple-step quality control system, including your content manager, to ensure that every piece reflects your brand personality. Our attention to detail sets us apart from your average SEO content agency.


Optimization for Existing Content

Before you found us, you already had a body of content on your website. Some of it may be outdated or no longer relevant. Our SEO content writing services can help. We can audit your existing content and bring it up to current standards. Our SEO writing service can research keywords and ensure they appear in your content without changing the substance of the article. We can ensure your content is written according to SEO best practices and is engaging.


Sometimes, there is no need to reinvent the content; it needs a minor touchup to bring it up to date. The freshness and relevance of your content are among the factors Google looks at when deciding where to present your website on the SERP. Finding old content and reworking it is an excellent way to refresh your website at an affordable price. We are an SEO content agency that can give your old content the lift it needs to make it shine. All our SEO content writing services aim to ensure that every piece of content on your website achieves its purpose.


Keeping Up-to-Date With SEO Content Writing Services

Google is constantly on a mission to ensure its customers receive the results they expect from their searches. As a result, Google frequently changes its algorithm. Therefore, SEO content writing services must keep up to ensure that the content they provide meets Google’s current standards for optimization.


What this means for us,  as an SEO content service, is that we continually research the latest trends and best practices in the industry. The most recent updates that impact SEO content writing services emphasize cleaning out low-quality sites. If your site does not provide valuable information, you could wake up to find it missing from the search results. Sites that provide low-quality content scraped from other sites could even delist from Google without warning. That is why it is essential to use SEO content writing services that do more than write for search engines. One such focus is becoming more crucial than ever: E-E-A-T content.


Following Google E-E-A-T

 Google uses a quality rating guideline, E-E-A-T, which stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. The earlier rendition of this quality rating system was E-A-T. Still, Google recently added an experience element to the mix, referring to the writer’s direct experience with the subject matter. 


 For instance, a legal professional writing for a legal website would have more experience than someone outside the profession. An article written entirely by AI would have a different credibility than an attorney’s. The experience factor in this formula is the “expertise” element of E-E-A-T. 


 Authoritativeness relates to the perceived authority of the website on the subject matter. For instance, Google considers .gov and .edu websites more authoritative than small blogs that skim information from other websites. One way to increase your authoritativeness is to find quality references to include as links in your content. 


 Google also wants to see content created by the owner of a website rather than a third party. All articles written by Textbroker are your property once you accept them for publication. You can put your name on them, which means Google will see them as written using your expertise in the business. Google notes that using an alias to identify the content creator is acceptable if linked to a real person on some level. 


 This factor also relates to trustworthiness. According to Google, a site’s trustworthiness is determined by the value of its information. Experience, expertise, and authoritativeness help establish a site’s trustworthiness. The reputations of the content creators are also considered. Sites that have a reputation for spam will have a low trustworthiness rating. 


 How does E-E-A-T affect you?

 One thing to remember is that Google considers the type of website when looking at E-E-A-T. For instance, it considers whether the site is for a hobbyist or an expert. It is more stringent for websites that deal with money, health, and safety than for a casual hobby or a website that offers only general information. Textbroker writers and content managers stay alert to the continually changing search engine landscape so that we can provide the quality that you need to improve your position on the SERP.


Can You Accommodate a Specific Industry or Niche?

 Just as Textbroker’s SEO content writing services can create content that matches your brand, we have authors who are experts in a wide range of fields and topic areas. The content manager will hand-select authors for your writing team with a background in your field or a track record for writing in your industry or niche. We are a versatile SEO content writing agency with experience in many industries. The best way to find out what our SEO content writing services can do for you is to contact us and speak with one of our content management professionals. 


Revisions and Adjustments

 We are here to ensure your success and that you are satisfied with the work given. We do our best in our SEO content writing services to get it right the first time, and we have a system to help us. If, for any reason, the content you receive does not meet your expectations, we will work with you to make it right.


 Standard orders have a three-day auto-acceptance policy, which means that, if you do not accept the order or request a revision, the order will be automatically accepted and the funds credited to the author’s account. That is one of the advantages of our managed SEO content writing services. You have an extended review period that lets you ensure the articles are what you want. 


 When you request a revision, the author has 24 hours to complete it. It will go through the entire review process again before being forwarded to you for a final review. The advantage of working with a content manager is that you have someone dedicated to providing SEO content writing services that consistently meet your expectations. Suppose you have an issue with any of the orders. In that case, you can contact your content manager to make any adjustments. 


 Textbroker is a leader in providing scalable and reliable SEO content writing services. We have a team of dedicated authors and content managers who can give expert articles to help your brand grow. We are committed to helping your business succeed, which makes our SEO content writing service stand out from the competition. 


 Contact us to explore what our SEO content marketing services can do to help your business grow.

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