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10 Ways to Spice Up Your Content Marketing Strategy

The best content marketing strategy is one that is constantly evolving, changing and keeping up with trends. If you're ready to spice up your content marketing strategy, adopt one or more of these 10 great tips.

10 ways to improve your content strategy


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It is no secret that in order to perform well online, you need to utilize content marketing. Content marketing is a way to build your brand while adding value to the lives of online users. The best content marketing strategy is one that is constantly evolving, changing and keeping up with trends. If you’re ready to spice up your content marketing strategy, adopt one or more of these 10 great tips.

1. Develop a Distinct Voice on Social Media Channels

If you’ve already developed a content marketing strategy, then you’re probably also already active on social media. Over time, however, many businesses start to follow a very simple routine on Facebook or Twitter. It is not enough to post links to your content daily. To encourage more engagement and bring in a larger audience, develop a distinct voice on social media platforms. Tailor the voice to your brand and your audience, but don’t be afraid to inject some personality into the captions, teasers and comments.

2. Add Some Fun to Your Product Descriptions

Unfortunately, product descriptions have a bad rap. Although they are widely read, customers and businesses alike treat them as boring, necessary lists of facts. Some brands, though, do a great job of meeting their SEO requirements and still making the product description fun. Slang words, inside jokes or just zany vocabulary make reading a product description anything but ordinary.

3. Spend More Time Interacting With Your Audience

Success on social media is often measured in engagement. If 1,000 people view your social media post, what percentage leave a reaction or comment? One way to boost engagement is by interacting with your audience more. If someone leaves a comment on social media, take the time to respond. The same is true if you have an open comments section on a blog post. The time you spend building these relationships can pay off in exposure, increased engagement rates and better relationships with potential clients or customers.

4. Try Out New Forms of Content

It is normal for businesses to get comfortable with certain types of content. If you’re highly visual, then you might be drawn to photos or videos. If you’re a writer, then long-form essays might be your style. To improve your content marketing strategy, change up the kind of content you create. Some great options to consider include the following:

  • Lists

  • How-to guides

  • Opinion pieces

  • In-depth profiles

  • Surveys and survey results

  • Photo essays


5. Share Personal Stories

Although some users support businesses, they are more likely to support people. That’s why it is smart to personalize your business and bring it to life. You aren’t just a website; you are a group of hard-working individuals. One way to spice up your strategy is by creating content that includes personal stories. This might mean allowing employees to craft content, or you could have interviews or profiles about individual employees or employee events.

6. Change Your CTAs

Although each business has its own objective, the purpose of content is typically conversion. Content imparts value, but it is also a means to an end. A CTA, or call to action, is a critical element in a conversion. A CTA encourages users to take the desired next step. When crafting content, don’t fall into the trap of reusing the same CTAs over and over again. Create new varieties and switch them up regularly so they don’t become boring or static.

7. Consider Longer Content Pieces

Not all of the content you create needs to be lengthy. However, there is some SEO value attached to writing longer pieces of content. Search engines prioritize longer content, so creating articles or blog posts that are over 1,000 words can be beneficial. Just be careful not to add too much filler in order to reach that word count.

8. Repurpose Content in New Formats

One of the most overlooked aspects of content marketing is repurposing existing content. If you have a series of linked blog posts, why not compile them and create an e-book? If you have a great video, transcribe it and reformat it to create a lengthy blog post. If you interview someone for a blog post, share the video for a behind-the-scenes look that can accompany a written Q&A.

9. Ask for Feedback

Many companies spend a lot of time creating buyer personas and trying to compile data on their current and desired audiences. This is part of the process, but sometimes companies skip the most obvious step of all. If you want to know what your audience wants, ask them! It is perfectly acceptable to ask for feedback in a variety of ways. You can create a survey and ask social media audiences to respond, or you could ask a direct question on Twitter or Instagram. Users can offer insight into what content they prefer and what topics they would like you to explore further.

10. Add Social Sharing Buttons

If you’re creating great content, then people will want to share it within their networks. Encourage that sharing by making it easy to do so. If you add social sharing buttons to your content, readers will be more likely to click on them and pass along your content. This can help your content go viral. Including social sharing buttons takes just a few minutes, but it can add incredible value to each piece of content you create.

The best content marketing strategies adapt to the changing digital landscape. To keep your content marketing strategy fresh, incorporate these 10 tips into your content marketing plans for the future.

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