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315929 8. August 2014 - 9:38

It's better for underwater bears to read on the beach than to read underwater–unless they have waterproof iPads.


11582 9. August 2014 - 2:50

Hey guys,

I'd like to offer some constructive criticism going the other way.  Have you done your best to educate clients about trying to over do it with keywords?  The main reason I end up even approaching having filler in my writing is that keyword requirements are set fairly poorly.  I recently had a conversation with a client who thanked me for pointing out that one use of his keywords was good, but 2-3 times as required by the auto setting was extremely bad for a 300-400 word article.


Just a thought.


Liza 20. April 2018 - 13:48

I think I can shed some light on "toast broken" as it happens to be a subject I am currently researching! To gain greater understanding, we must first examine the definition of another phrase: "to break bread" , veering sharply around the biblical connotations, this can be taken to mean something along the lines of sharing a meal together. A gesture of friendship, or perhaps a bid to mend a broken one.

So why does bread become toast? Well, basically because the bread is stale! We are trying to make it taste more palatable, which, as far as this metaphor is concerned, is a pretty dire situation to be in… Previous attempts at harmony have obviously failed and yet with optimistic perseverance the uneaten broken bread has been browned and proffered with good intentions.

Sadly, the scene of "toast broken" that we see before us indicates that the reconciliation has in fact gone horribly wrong; tempers have flared, butter would indeed, and did in fact, melt. The friendship is irreparable; Toast Broken! (No wonder the bear is distressed…)


Heather 1. July 2018 - 0:15

Is it possible for a client to refuse a project, but possibly copy it before "refusing" it and therefore essentially steal the work without paying the writer or Text Broker? This would be one of my biggest concerns, and I’m not sure if Text Broker has any fail-safes in place to prevent clients from doing that.

If not, that would be an easy way for clients to get free work done through your website, have writers spend a lot of time working (sometimes days if it’s a long project), and for someone to get content written for free. Even if they change an article *just enough* to keep it from showing up as plagiarized material, that would be basically taking both your company and the writers here for a ride and getting hard work done for free on the clients’ end.


Cody Christensen 2. July 2018 - 20:28

Hello! Thanks for reaching out to us with your concern. For more information regarding how we protect our authors and their work please email our author services team direclty at They will be able to assist you with this topic.


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