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Comma Exercise

Welcome to a quick example designed to test your knowledge of comma use. The sentences below do not contain any commas. Using what you have learned from our video, please insert the commas where you think they are needed.  After, you will be presented with the answer key so that you can compare your answers with ours. When you do, pay attention to the types of commas that seem to give you the most trouble. It would be a good idea to go back through the video and find the section that deals with that particular type of comma. With a little practice, comma use becomes second nature. We’re sure that you can master these in no time!
When rock climbing it is important that you have the essential rock climbing equipment to help you avoid accidents and harm to yourself.  Gear that is absolutely critical for you to have before making your climb are helmets a harness and climbing shoes.  Although there are many other pieces of equipment and safety gear that is mandatory for climbing these are a few of the most important pieces it takes to make your climb safe.


When you are rock climbing you are faced with terrain that could possibly have falling rocks or branches. By wearing a helmet you are able to protect your head from being hit by any of these falling objects although helmets may not provide protection from all objects.  Although the initial contact from the object will give your body a small jolt you will have saved yourself from sustaining any serious injuries and your loved ones will be happy that you’re safe and sound.


A harness is what connects you to your safety rope and allows you to hang your equipment that you will need throughout your climb. Without a harness you are simply out in the open for the worst case scenario which no one wants to go through. One small slip could land you at the bottom of the cliff you are climbing. By wearing a harness you will greatly decrease your chances of that happening.  If you were to fall the harness would catch you.  When climbing you should be sure to have this vital piece of equipment.

Rock Climbing Shoes

Rock climbing shoes help you to balance on small edges and grip firmly to the rock you are climbing. Without them you will find it harder to push up on edges of the cliff and you could possibly sustain an injury from not wearing the correct attire. These shoes are one of the most essential rock climbing equipment pieces that you will need on your adventure so you should be able to climb without worries.
If you plan on rock climbing in the future you should take note of all of these tips.  This equipment may be costly yet it could save your life.