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Congratulations on completing the second course of our curriculum on writing effectively, and welcome to our third and final course: commas, perhaps the most important lesson offered by Textbroker University. You are almost done with the instructional part of our program and can soon begin writing orders for your re-evaluation!

While many people think that comma mistakes are a minor nuisance, comma use is often the biggest difference between a 3- and 4-star rating—and therefore is a determining factor in how much money an author can earn. To illustrate the importance of commas, just think of the following example: It’s one thing to say, “Let’s eat, Grandma!” and quite another thing to say, “Let’s eat Grandma!” Fortunately, comma problems are easy to fix once you know the basics. For those of you who were ever turned off of grammar and punctuation in high school because your monotone teacher with thick glasses and bad hair diagrammed sentences until you fell asleep and dreamed of the comma police, Textbroker University has simplified the world of commas into an easy-to-follow video presentation that will have you mastering commas in no time.

Please review the following video:

After you complete it, you will be able to confidently answer the following questions:

How do I use commas with introductory clauses?

What is the difference between dependent and independent clauses?

What is a compound predicate, and why shouldn’t I split it?

What in the world is an adverbial clause, and how does it determine comma use?

Confused? You can always watch the video again or skip to particular parts. As always, feel free to contact Author Services at with any questions!

Here’s an exercise that will let you test your knowledge:

When you are ready

check out the final section of Textbroker University

We promise that, with a little studying, anyone can learn how to use commas effectively. With your new-found knowledge, you can sleep better dreaming of improved earnings instead of the comma cops. You will soon be writing 4-star quality articles and making more money with Textbroker!