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TBU: Filler busting practice testFiller Busting Answer Page

Now that you have made your corrections, take a look at ours. Please note that words with the line through them are to be struck out as filler, and the words in bold are additions needed to make the sentences make sense.  Don’t worry if you don’t catch all the same things! Learning to eliminate filler is a process; it can’t happen in one lesson. We just hope you can use this as the basis for learning how to hear the filler in your articles so that you can remove it.

How to pick a roommate

Before you pack up your stuff and move out of mom’s house, there are many, many things to consider. One of the more important things to figure out is who you’re going to live with because you are going to have to see them every day and deal with them all the timeKeep reading to see a few things to consider when picking a roommate to live with.

When picking a roommate who you’re going to sign your lease with, make sure you choose someone with whom you get along well who you get along well with. You’re going to see this person every day, and if you hate them, there are bound to be problems. You’ll probably fight often  every weekYou’ll probably fight every day, or even every couple hours. Even if you don’t fight out loud, you’ll sit there and wallow in your frustration. Frustration and stress are never good for anyone. It can cause health problems and high stress. If you’re going to see this person every day single day for the next year, you will want to make sure you get along.

Don’t pick your best friend. You and your best friend may be ridiculously close. You may eat off the same plate, or share clothes be confused as to what stuff belongs to who because you trade so often. You may and treat each other like family. However, this can all be ruined by living with them. Even if you love your best friend, you probably don’t see them every day single day unless you are neighbors or have some classes together or work in the same place. If you live with them, you will see them every single day. You will see them every day of the week and you will never get a break from them. This can cause you to notice things about them that you wouldn’t normally[,] if you didn’t see them every day like you would if you lived together and saw them every day.  and it might drive you crazy.

Make sure you always consider your potential roommate’s lifestyle. When two people with different lifestyles live in the same place, it can cause a lot of conflict. Two people with different ways of life can have a lot of problems, especially if their lifestyles are so different. If you are fairly down to earth and enjoy peace and quiet, you don’t want a roommate who parties until 4am every single day. If you like being loud until all hours of the morning, you don’t want a roommate who goes to bed at 9pm. If you hate animals, you don’t want to live with a crazy cat lover. If you are a hardcore carnivore, you may not enjoy living with a hardcore vegan. Two different lifestyles can cause a lot of fighting. You’re going to see this person every day, and the last thing you want to do is have a fight every single day until your lease is up.

Did your corrections line up with ours?

We hope you enjoyed our exercise in eliminating filler. Remember that, as with everything else in writing, it gets easier and faster the more you do it. Please try to incorporate these suggestions into your own writing, and you just might find that you can make more money using fewer words!