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Textbroker CEO Phillip Thune: 7 Tips to Conquer Content Marketing

To master content marketing, companies must address their target group with relevant content rather than generic sales messages. Serving as CEO of Textbroker, the leading provider of on-demand, unique written content, since 2010, Phillip Thune is a Web content expert and has summarized how to achieve success.

Phillip Thune discusses outsourcing content

1. Determine Content Goals

Before you start publishing online, first determine your content goal KPIs! Are you trying to increase your website traffic, generate leads or increase user engagement? Only once goals are established, it possible to measure the content’s success rate and be able to adapt accordingly.

2. Formulate and Document Content Strategy

A well-thought-out strategy will outline the planning, production, and distribution of content. Ask yourself what information your target audience wants and at what frequency as well as where your target group can be found. Moreover, determine who creates what content and how much time is needed. Use a content calendar to create a clear long-term plan.

3. Produce High-Quality Content

What kind of content optimally conveys your message? Whether it’s an infographic, a video, or text, quality content should be specific to a target audience and unique, informative, and entertaining. Error-free content, optimally structured, with appealing style and tone, is a must.

4. Don’t Forget Search Engine Optimization

Although effective content has to first and foremost appeal to readers, it should also be search engine optimized. Place essential keywords in prominent locations, such as the title, subheadings or at the beginning of the copy. Use synonyms, variations, and topic-relevant terms as keywords, and create an exciting and well-written description tag.

5. Seed Content                                                     

It’s not enough to create unique content: To produce results, your target audience has to see it! Spread the material across channels, including on social media, via newsletter or on forums. In addition, networking with influencers in the industry helps to seed content.

6. Measure Content Efforts                                                                  

Regularly evaluating the success of content is pivotal. How results are quantified will depend on previously determined goals. A lot, such as new visitors to a site or conversion rates, can be measured via Google Analytics, and content marketing efforts should adapt depending on the results.

7. Use Tools

From content creation to seeding, many tools can help your business. Examples include BuzzSumo, Hootsuite, and Piktochart. By utilizing innovative tools, you can gain advantages over your competitors and save time.

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525853 14. May 2015 - 20:04

Tnx it help me a lot !


658627 29. October 2016 - 19:50

I want to improve my ranking after starting as a 3-star author I was demoted to a 2-star ranking. Since then I have only received ONE review, BUT there was no actual review done because all the work available was short pieces. It has been almost a month, I have written almost 30 more articles and have not had another review. How can I improve my skills and how can the clients receive good quality work if I have no way of know what I need to correct or improve on?

According to this blog post and I quote, "We feel that offering the most comprehensive feedback to our authors not only provides them with the tools to improve their skills, but it also ensures that our clients are getting the content that best meets their needs," the reviews are not being done as often as they should be.

I went through the University lessons when I completed it, the instructions said to email a request for a new review after writing 5 new articles. I followed the instructions, but the reply was, "please note that we are no longer about to offer expedited ratings after finishing the program. Our new author rating system contains an algorithm that chooses when authors are rated, so while ratings are done more frequently than before, we have no way of knowing when an author will be rated."

When I went back to study the University lessons again there are three new levels, introductory, intermediate and graduate. The problem with this new system is the introductory is so basic its a waste of time. The intermediate says ONLY 3-star authors can register. How on earth is the University supposed to help us if improve if it's limited to only helping 3-star and above? How can we (all 2-star authors) ever get to 3-star with no instructional reviews and no University lessons to help us improve?

I feel very stuck! I have no idea what to improve or change because of no reviews and the University is useless for a 2-star author! The University needs to be changed to assist 2-star authors in improving and the "algorithm" is obviously not working. Customers are receiving inferior work because we have no guidance!

Feeling Very Frustrated!



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