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Textbroker Content Map 2016: The Global Content Trends

An analysis of all content ordered by Textbroker clients over the last year revealed what kind of content international clients needed the most. Find out what tops the list.

Each month, thousands of clients and authors from around the world used the Textbroker platform to complete over 100,000 content orders. An analysis of these figures revealed what kind of content international clients needed the most.

The global map provides a clear overview of the content trends in over 10 of the countries in which Textbroker is active. It shows the preferred type of content, the content’s length and topic, as well as the most popular quality level ordered from our clients globally. The information in this map is based on the content orders that were completed via Textbroker over the first three quarters of 2016.

An overview of the most important details

Text Length and Text Quality

On almost all Textbroker platforms, the average length of articles exceeded 400 words as maximum. On average, the length of the content ordered from Textbroker was just over the 450-word mark.

The content ordered by clients in Poland was the lengthiest, whereas the shortest articles were ordered by clients in the Netherlands. This trend was already well established last year.

In comparison to last year‘s statistics, the trend in 2016 is towards longer articles of a higher quality. This is reflected in the fact that 6 out of the 10 countries preferred content at 4 stars, one of the higher quality levels. In Germany, the 3-star quality level led the statistics slightly though an almost equal number of 4 star articles were ordered.

Text Type

Companies the world over have recognized the importance of blogging and its role in content marketing. Globally, blog articles have been the most commonly ordered content at Textbroker this year. This is hardly surprising, though, as the research from HubSpot indicates: Marketers who prioritize blogging have a three-time greater chance to achieve a positive ROI.

That said, travel articles, product descriptions, shop texts, and website content were also commonly ordered. Product descriptions and product reviews were, next to blog articles, especially popular in the USA.

Which Topics Were Popular?

Apart from business and health articles, Textbroker clients placed orders for a diverse range of topics: Articles about cars, shopping, property, beauty and travel were the most popular. In total, there were an especially large number of orders for the topics of travel, health and business in 2016.

Going hand in hand with the ever-current business news, other popular topics were on current global trends or seasonal issues, too. Early in the year and during summer, the number of travel articles, such as travel blog or travel reports, were largely popular. At the start of autumn, clients in many countries placed orders for content on health topics.

Approaching the end of the year, it’s fair to anticipate an increased number of content orders for online shops. Articles such as product descriptions and buyer’s guides are frequently requested by international companies.

Find all data and facts from the Textbroker Content Map in detail in this Infographic!


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