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Textbroker Content Trends 2018: What Customers Really Want

Discover the top trends for content in 2018.

US Content Trends

Our content map shows at a glance which categories and quality levels our international customers have ordered content for.

As far as content marketing and writing are concerned, the e-commerce and healthcare industries have become two of the largest procurers of content marketing services in the U.S. and across Europe. These are followed by business and travel. High-quality content is common among these industries, with many European clients choosing 4-star authors to write their OpenOrders. With this in mind, there is a clear trend toward customers wanting longer content. This is a big change from years before!

Understanding the User (Customer)

Whether you are a large, medium-sized or startup company, most have long recognized the importance of content marketing. Content marketing today serves as a highly effective way to educate, entertain and even convert your audience into customers. When trying to find the right content marketing service, your users are probably constantly looking for resources and comparing different options on the internet and because of this, will be highly appreciative when discovering content services that offer real value. This service must be exemplary and ultimately trustworthy because a prospective customer is not going to want low-quality content – or at least they shouldn’t. Even if a customer has a restrictive budget, they’re more than likely going to want good content at a low cost. According to a study done by the Content Marketing Institute (yes, it actually exists!), 90 percent of the most successful B2B content marketing specialists are significantly in tune with the informational needs of their customers.

The Importance of Content-Length

The length of the content will play an important role in determining just how readable and engaging the reader finds the piece. When it comes to the internet, users are more inclined to want to read short, concise text. This is particularly true when the content is consumed on mobile devices. Nevertheless, with longer content comes greater value. A content marketer should have the ability to delve into a topic more specifically while providing holistic, comprehensive information when the content is longer. Additionally, search engines like Google or Bing prefer content that is thorough and informative as it is indicative of high quality. And let’s not forget about the user experience! This is not only important to retain or convert users, but Google and other search engines pay attention to how the user interacts and/or experiences the visited webpage. The content should be relevant to the visiting user and shouldn’t contain superfluous words that are only there to reach a certain word count. However, when there’s a lot of information to be had, it is still very much possible to be concise and to the point. The art of good writing consists of the ability to do all these things. No, you don’t need to be a superhero, but if you could fly AND write content well, you’d be superior to most!


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Textbroker Content Map 2018


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