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Textbroker Content Map Q1/2015

Which country orders which kind of content? The Textbroker Content Map provides an overview of the international content landscape for the first quarter of 2015.

The Textbroker Content Map highlights the most common type, topic, quality level and length of content for each country that Textbroker offers its services.

These were the main findings:

  • There has been a continuing trend toward ordering lengthier articles at higher quality levels.
  • The majority of articles ordered through Textbroker during the first quarter regarded travel, shopping and products. In the U.S., a significant number of orders were also about movies, news and television.
  • Across all country platforms, with the exception of Portugal, the average length for articles exceeded 320 words.
  • The requested quality level for countries differed only slightly, with 4 stars – considered high-quality– being the most popular in 7 of the 10 platforms.
  • In both Germany and Italy, content was ordered most often at 3 stars although nearly as many articles were ordered at 4 stars.
  • In the U.S., several large SEO projects resulted in 2-star orders being the most frequent; however, 4-star quality content followed closely and was most popular among clients as a whole.
  • The most common types of content overall were blogs, website content and product descriptions.

Click below to enlarge the Textbroker Q1/2015 Content Map:

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525853 14. May 2015 - 20:14



55908 8. June 2015 - 20:44

So, is there a way to include photos in an article? I tried once and it didn't work. Lainie


upamal 7. April 2018 - 7:37

good job .yes .we can earn within content writing.
it’s good opportunity. But all these things enable to only USA , how it change give chances to other countries skill persons.
by selecting your way ?


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