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Textbroker Launches New Rating Structure

We’ve noted your feedback in the Author Forum and are happy to offer you some clarification as to what these changes mean for you and how you should proceed in writing orders.

The change in ratings is two-fold – non-managed orders are now being rated for instruction compliance, and orders written for managed clients are now receiving star ratings.

We feel that offering the most comprehensive feedback to our authors not only provides them with the tools to improve their skills, but it also ensures that our clients are getting the content that best meets their needs.

We’ve noted your feedback in the Author Forum and are happy to offer you some clarification as to what these changes mean for you and how you should proceed in writing orders.

The change in ratings is two-fold – non-managed orders are now being rated for instruction compliance, and orders written for managed clients are now receiving star ratings.

We feel that offering the most comprehensive feedback to our authors not only provides them with the tools to improve their skills, but it also ensures that our clients are getting the content that best meets their needs.

It is important to note that we are not asking you to do anything more than what was previously requested. We’ve always trusted and expected that our authors are following order instructions completely. We know that you take pride in your work and in delivering quality content.


Regarding non-managed orders and the change in ratings


We felt it was important to incorporate an instruction component to how star ratings are assigned because what is more important than providing the client with content that meets their stated needs?

While the fact that non-managed orders are accepted by the client may imply that the order was written to standard, many clients allow orders to be autoaccepted or accept them in bulk, making it impossible to review the orders. Acceptance is not in any way an acknowledgment from the client that the order instructions were followed. Client feedback and acceptance have never been factors in how Textbroker assigns ratings.

It is important to remember that there is no perfect way to follow order instructions, and to an extent, there is a level of interpretation that is necessary. We won’t fault an author for not following an order instruction that isn’t there. We see everything the author sees; if the client leaves very sparse instructions, we will assume the author has reached out for clarification. Unless something is explicitly stated, it won’t impact your rating in any way. You’ll never be penalized for something that is open to interpretation or ambiguous.


Ratings for Managed Client orders


One of the benefits of having the ability to assign star ratings to Managed Client orders is that you will receive more frequent ratings if you work for Managed Teams. We know that getting consistent feedback helps our authors do the best work that they can.

We rate orders after they have come back from one revision but before the client sees it. This way, we are giving you the opportunity to make any edits or fix any order instruction compliance issues that might have come up upon first review by a Textbroker editor.

Please remember that you are always responsible to abide by order instructions as they are changed and updated. Also, be sure that when you submit an order for a Managed Client Team, you are submitting what you consider to be your final draft.

Authors will not be rated during the training phase of any team. You will know that a team is in the training phase because you will see a blurb at the top of the instructions about not writing more than two to three orders for that particular client. Once this blurb is removed, the training phase is over. If you are a new author to a team that is out of the pilot and have questions, please ask before order submission.


What to do when you have questions about instructions


One of the frequent issues we see with orders, both managed and non-managed, is that orders are submitted even though the author had questions about the instructions. Textbroker is a marketplace connecting authors and clients, so it’s important to remember that you do not have to write an order if you feel the instructions do not provide enough information. If you feel that you would like to write the order but the instructions are vague, we recommend that you contact the client via the Textbroker messaging system, call or email Author Services, or email for Managed Team orders.

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449573 14. March 2015 - 3:29

Thank you for this helpful post! As you know, this is a very sensitive topic for us authors. I assume you understand why, but on the slim chance that you haven't totally seen it from our perspective, here goes.

On the whole, we LOVE Textbroker. We love the amazing job you do of marketing our writing and the free, life-changing instruction you give us that makes us better at what we do. The one thing that makes us shudder is the moment we see our emails full of 89 ratings.

Why? It's because we know that it either means we still have a job or we've been put on probation. For those who make the bulk of their income from teams, a demotion can mean they need to go searching elsewhere for income.

[Gulp] Here's the thing. While this fear is a good motivator to keep us sharp, it's not a great motivator. The great motivator is that belief we have, at first, that we'll be able to advance up the star ladder. When we realize the chances of that are slim, that positive motivation is absent and all that's left is apprehension when rating time approaches.

Here's my question. With these more frequent ratings, is there any chance of our being considered for advancement rather than only demotion? Even if it is rare, the knowledge that you will be willing to consider granting us five star status could be huge in our enthusiasm about this new change.

You are the experts. We readily admit that Textbroker is the best content site around, and you all know what it takes to keep clients happy. Just wanted to venture my two cents about one way this could be a dream come true for us authors rather than a nightmare.

God bless! 🙂



246533 14. March 2015 - 4:02

I wish I had an email full of 89 ratings…well, in my case in would be around 450 ratings. That’s about how many managed team articles I got rated an N with. If this was the case, I would feel much better. Instead, the editing team likes to rate the articles that were the first one I’ve done for a new client. This blog post states that these won’t be graded…but mine was. The reason for the 3 star rating was even justifiable because the instructions never stated what they demoted me for. Either way… Good comment seek. I personally am very happy at the 4 star level…not the 3.. Hence my posting all over the forums. I think getting a 5 star rating is only reserved for bachelor degree holders…or those “perfect” writers out there.


86928 14. March 2015 - 20:00

I agree with Seek Wisdom. I just started getting onto a good number of managed teams, and most I haven't even done my first three for, because I'm afraid that if I do three for each of them and get it wrong, I will lose them all. There is one that I've been doing very well on for a long time, and I'd hate to lose that one because I messed up on the new ones. All the teams are now out of training mode, and if I had known that our first three articles got special treatment ONLY during that time, I would have done them then. I did not know, so now I have to write to staff every time I do one to tell them it's my first, second, or third article for this team.

I really wanted to make TB a big part of my income this year, and thus far, I've been concentrating on getting onto more and more teams. Just when I get to where I have real steady work on teams I like, you change the rules and jeopordize that plan. I had this happen on another site I worked on, and it ended up with them losing many, many very good long-term writers when they started getting demoted. Please don't make that mistake.

What I would like to see is individual author ratings for each team. I have no doubt that some teams I would probably be kicked off of, and that's fine if I can't give them what they need, but some teams actually like me and ask me to do overflow work for them, so I'm sure they would not be happy if they lost me because I messed up on more difficult teams. Maybe, instead of having a team be only a training team for a short time, you could do like you have before and create a separate training team for all new members of that team. Once they complete their three articles successfully, then they are promoted to the regular team. That makes more sense than having to answer all those emails from new members or members who are just getting started on a team that is out of training mode.

In other words, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. If you start this wholesale demotion tactic to try to get us to write better, we will do that — somewhere else. This site pays precious little as it is, and the only reason most of us stay is because we love the editing process. Now we are all going to be stressed and afraid of losing it all.

Honestly, I've stayed away from managed teams with difficult instructions for this very reason. I'd rather do OOs all day long than risk losing my 4-star ratings chasing a few extra pennies.


246533 14. March 2015 - 20:22

JustinCase – I wish you would have posted this a week ago. I've just been demoted to 3-stars. I have no idea how to get back up to 4-stars. Like you, I have been on a few managed teams that always accept my articles without hesitation because I know what I'm doing. I decided to quickly help out a team in a crunch, and sure enough I got demoted to 3-stars for trying to help them meet the deadline. Now I'm stuck and it just seems this rating system is putting more fear into us authors that doesn't need to be there. It seems like I'll be stuck at 3-stars for quite a while because I can no longer apply for 4-star teams to try and bump my level back up. I've taken the TB college course and I've passed already. How am I supposed to get back up to 4-stars?


497325 14. March 2015 - 23:37

I hadn't thought of keeping a list of my writing errors.  I have submitted my first five articles, which were all accepted, on this site and am waiting for Textbroker to review those so I can continue writing.  I also write content for another website and the site does not allow for errors, including paragraph spacing errors and font size.  I'm looking forward to a bright writing career here and can't wait to write my next article.


246533 18. March 2015 - 14:42

I have to say that this is a high-quality posting. Now if you guys can create one that helps me with Which/That and how to avoid Subject/Verb agreement errors. Thanks for this posting, it has helped me understand a lot.


401733 28. March 2015 - 14:17

In my experience, I think  the editors  are always looking for fault.  When  I improve and get rid of  many of the grammar , spacing, and proofreading problems , the editors dig deeper and come up with more problems.  I'm told that my rating is based on  the five most recent  articles.  I only received comments on  three of the five articles..Unfortunately, if  I want to be acknowledged for the improvements I have made in my writing,  I have to look at the  previous comments and  comapre them to the present  comments,and then  see what  is no longer being commented on. I had a typo problem  with commas   with conjunctions.  I think I licked that problem because  the  three comments  I saw  do  not have  that   comment.  Yes,  I do  every now and then  have a typo problem.  It seems  that if  I don't write at  a 5,  I will be   ratied a 3.


401733 29. March 2015 - 16:26

 I have decided to take the high road when it comes to ratings. I don't mean aiming to be a higher rating than I am. Instead, I am looking to  learn to be happy just where I am. There is a difference between no longer caring about improving ratings  and no longer caring about  writing quality and  pleasing the clients. I still value the  comments of  the editors, but  I no longer care  if  my ratings ever improve as long as  I still write well enough  to work for Textbtroker.  In fact,  so far,  I am making more money per month ,this year, than  I did last year.  I hope this trend continues.  I still want to please my clients, improve my proofreading skills, spacing, punctuation, and grammar.   I have aleady  been to basic  Textbroker University and I am considering the  more advanced.  I have also done some  grammar  exercises , such as adverbial; clauses.  I really think I need to do more so that it becomes  second nature.  So far this year,  I am making more money per month than I had  last year.  I find that  the editors  rate  the articles  by perfection, one  error and you are  given an average rating. Nobody's perfect.  It seems that all they care about is  what  mistakes they can find and not  whether or not the writer has  improved.  If you looked at my ratings over the past year, you  would think  I was getting worse instead of better.  I know  that is not true.  Please join me in being happy with your present rating  and  being happy to remain there  for all etermity.


254725 3. April 2015 - 21:14

The tip on not taking orders with confusing instructions is helpful, as is the information on revisions. I've always tried to work with my clients with their revision requests. One particular client was so pleased with my work that they sent me a Direct Order.


545889 14. August 2015 - 18:44

I've been at this for less than a month, so thank you for the encouragement Vanessa!  I had no idea you could do this as a full-time job.  I look forward to reading more in this series.


548813 17. September 2015 - 22:44

Good to read about your experience with textbroker. I am new and completed my 5 articles but remain at level 3, for now. After the review I realized I needed to brush up on my grammar. Again, excellent advice and thanks.


254725 28. October 2015 - 19:48

Great information! Thank you for this post; I will be integrating some of these tips to complete my profile.


571965 30. October 2016 - 19:01

Now it makes me wonder if all of my energy of inserting hyperlinks from my word document was effective or not.  I will now use the system hyperlink to ensure proper accuracy.



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