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Textbroker Top 4 For 11/6

It’s Election Day here in the US, and there are a flurry of SEO-related election issues. Some of the same themes found in the election world can apply to SEO and marketing. A few of our favorite SEO gurus have passed on a few tips on how to win the popularity contest that is SEO marketing, and keep customers coming back time and again.

5 Ways to Get Your Client to Like You
A huge part of being elected to a public office is getting people to like you. The success of your business depends on getting customers and potential clients to like you and what you have to offer. Julianne Staino of the SEO Blog lets us in on five sure-fire tips to get people to like you and increase your business.

Great SEO Happens When You Keep Your Ego Out of It
In an ideal world, running for office would mean keeping your ego out of the race and doing what’s best for your community and the constituents you wish to serve. The same rings true in the SEO world. Increasing your revenue and drawing in new visitors involves putting your ego aside and crafting great SEO to keep visitors coming back for more! Nick Stamoulis gives us a quick primer on this subject over at Search Engine Journal.

Googling = Research for 94% of Teen Students
Let’s face it: Elections are simply a popularity contest among politicians. Creating a successful SEO presence on the web is basically the same concept. You won’t get traffic if you aren’t popular, and the best indicator of popularity is your ranking on Google’s search engine. Danny Goodwin of Search Engine Watch lays out some stats to show the importance of Google search engine rankings and how you can improve your place in the rankings.

What Makes a Free Trial Work (or Not)
It would be a wonderful thing if our elected officials came with a free trial period, so we can try them out before we make a commitment to them. Unfortunately, this isn’t an option, and allows some not-so-stellar politicians to make it into office. However, offering a free trial of your goods or services to your customers can work in your favor, if done properly. Barb Darrow gives us the low-down on free trials and the key issues that can make them successful or total failures.

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