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Textbroker Top 4 Content Trends for 12/18

When valuable content is the secret ingredient to creating traffic-rich websites, it’s time marketers reevaluate their recipes. Trends seem focused on website and content changes, including structure and design. It’s time to blend quality writing with more strategic SEO placement. The result is a year of tastier sugar plums dancing in marketers’ heads in 2013.

Make News, Win Links
In order to build buzz and acquire traffic, your website needs a healthy dose of newsworthy content. The trick is to have the foresight to see what’s trending on the horizon and put your unique spin on it. This article gives quick tips on knowing your target audience and building content around information that’s valuable to them.

SEO 101: How Your Website’s Structure Affects its SEO
Imagine a search engine’s algorithm as a delicate spider. It’s sophisticated and useful, but once plucked from its web, it’s rendered quite vulnerable. Its legs aren’t made to crawl across complicated platforms. This article offers tips on creating websites that are formed using XHTML and CSS, rich in internal backlinks, and feature keyword rich URLs to have a reliable home for your spider.

How Communication Resolves Internal Issues
Interpersonal issues can stand in the way of any SEO company’s growth. It’s time to put aside differences and learn to work together for the greater good. Working effectively, when within a group, is the most sure-fire way to ensure a positive outcome. During this season infused with the spirit of goodwill toward others, learn to put your best efforts into creating a happy workplace.

Top 1 SEO Tips for 2013
With so many top lists and previews, it’s hard to keep track of all the tips and tricks for 2013. Dr Pete condenses hat he’s learned into facets of one guiding principle. Read on for the simple yet deep meaning of diversity.

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