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Textbroker Top 5 – All Hail the New Queen?

Big news coming out of Yahoo this week: Marissa Mayer, a highly-regarded Google executive, has been appointed the new CEO of Yahoo.  As Yahoo’s third CEO in under a year, the seat is still warm from the previous two occupants, who lasted only a few months each.  She has a steep climb if she wants to pull Yahoo out of its current slump.  She’s also fighting consumer perception that Yahoo is a bargain-basement brand; the company’s reputation for fluffy content and a clunky interface will be tough to erase.

On the other hand, Mayer’s pedigree is beyond reproach. One of Google’s brightest stars, she may be just the leader that Yahoo needs. Her experience with a search engine that has revolutionized how people use the Internet could help Yahoo shed its image as a moribund model of Web 0.5 architecture. She’s in a good situation; no one expects a miracle, so if she pulls it off and reverses Yahoo’s slide, she’ll be hailed as a genius.

The Top 5 Articles This Week in Content Marketing

New Yahoo CEO Has Google Roots (Search Engine Journal) – Executives at Yahoo hope that the third time will be the charm for filling their vacant CEO chair. The newest arrival is Marissa Mayer, a former Google employee whom the foundering search engine hopes can bring back their lost market share. Will Mayer bring some of Google’s magic with her?

Developing a Strong Content Strategy (SEOmoz) – Creating value through link-building alone is like building half a bridge; without the rest of the structure in place, it’s no better than no bridge at all. If you plan to maximize the reach of your business, you need a whole content strategy, not just a part of one.

No Excuses: An Interview with Marcus Sheridan (Content Marketing Institute) – Marcus Sheridan, the keynote speaker at this year’s Content Marketing World, shared his thoughts on the power of content, the importance of bloggers and the real meaning of B2B in his interview with CMI’s Pamela Muldoon. Find out how a onetime pool guy became The Sales Lion and transformed a simple blog into a marketing juggernaut.

Seven Ways to Build Leads Through Pinterest (Business2Community) – Getting pinned hasn’t meant so much to so many since college. Pinterest is hot, but without knowing how to leverage it as the amazing business tool it is, you’re missing out on its power. Find out how to convert shoppers to buyers and understand who’s really shopping at Pinterest. Surprise — it isn’t just women.

Branding Through Automation: Not as Scary as it Sounds (Content Equals Money) – If the word “automation” conjures images of being assimilated by the Borg, you aren’t alone in that negative view of automating contact with prospects. However, automation doesn’t have to be impersonal. By handing off routine tasks to an automated system, the people in your company have more time for meaningful interaction with clients.

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