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Textbroker Top 5 – Content Marketing Bubble?

Google recently announced that sites that have a large number of DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) takedown requests for copyright infringement will be penalized. While this move won’t hurt most content marketers, Google obviously plans to continue “cleaning up” its results pages.  Some content marketers fear that Google’s continued crackdown will result in the content marketing bubble bursting, but this may not actually be the case.

Content marketers that use legitimate SEO practices will mostly benefit from any crackdown that penalizes scraper sites. Those creating quality content that adds value will see cleaner, less dense SERPs and a higher ranking. Plain re-writes will have less value, but articles that pull new insights from existing material will be competitive.

Top 5 Articles In Content Marketing This Week

25 Ways to Get Penalized in 2012 (Search Engine Journal)

With all the changes to Google’s search ranking algorithm, it’s hard to keep track of all the factors the company uses to produce their search results page. If a site owner finds that their traffic has taken a substantial hit, there are several things that may be causing the site to lose Google rank. Eliminating these problems will ensure a site gets the best rank possible on Google and will hopefully lead to more site traffic.

Capturing Unrealized Revenue Through Keyword Order Analysis (Search Engine Watch)

Content marketers should always be looking for ways to increase profits. Secondary search phrases are one strategy that content marketers can utilize. Are they worth the investment?

17 Techie Shortcuts for Content Marketing (Content Marketing Institute)

Being in the content marketing business means that there’s always more to be done but with little time to do it. There are several techie shortcuts that people may not know about that will help them meet those pesky deadlines.

Closing the Loop with Content Writers (

Content writers can help a business connect with its audience. From tweets to web copy, content writers can create the face of a business and help that face be seen by the public. There are several different ways to use content writers, and some of these uses my go unutilized by most companies.

The New SEO (Guest Post on Advertising Age) (Outbrain)

SEO in 2012 has seen a paradigm shift. The way content marketers engage search sites has changed, and it is now more important for them to conect with actual people than write content for search engine “crawler bots”.

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