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Textbroker Top 5 – The Continued Evolution Of Social Media

Google Plus rolled out its custom page URLs for large brands and celebrities this week and promises that the feature will soon be available to all Google Plus users. This move signals Google’s continued support of its social network, and it provides a good opportunity for content marketers.

While Google Plus isn’t nearly as large as Facebook, the social network has become a favorite for niche markets, such as technology and science. Google Plus boasts the best content delivery system of all the social networks, and content marketers will find that the Google Plus audience is much more likely to read and connect with content written by others. The future is bright for social networking sites, and Google Plus may be the cream of the crop for content marketers who wish to reach an audience willing to give their content a chance.

Top Content Marketing Articles For The Week Of 8/21

Improper URLs: It’s Much More than Just a Page Name! (Search Engine Watch)

One of the most important SEO factors to consider is a page’s URL. Search engines give high priority to keywords found in an URL, and it is important that a page’s address accurately reflects its content and keywords. It is also important for a website to utilize a search-friendly structure that will help increase its page rank.

7 Keys to Building Your Brand Publishing Empire (Content Marketing Institute)

In order to become a successful content marketer, a person or business must connect with their audience. It can be hard to find an audience when first starting out, and even harder to successfully grow that audience into a profitable business. There are several steps content marketers can take to increase their likelihood of success.

Having Testing Trouble? How To A/B Test With Little or No Traffic (Content Equals Money)

A/B testing is important for content marketers. The process is time-consuming and can seem impossible for sites without a lot of traffic. For a small financial investment, content marketers can take advantage of several different A/B testing methods that are sure to increase the usability of their site and lead to greater profits.

5 Superhero Traits All Great Marketers Have (Blue Glass)

While being a great marketer may seem like something only superheroes can do, there are several traits that anyone can replicate to increase their content marketing success. Learning to multitask, meeting deadlines and embracing marketing’s social nature are all things that a person can easily add to their repertoire of assets.

8 Reasons Why Content Is King In Social Media (Business 2 Community)

Content drives social media marketing, but simply blasting audiences with content dumps isn’t enough to be successful. Social media users have learned to filter out promotion, and they will ignore anything that they view as a commercial disguised as content. There are several factors that content marketers have to take into account while trying to engage people through social media, and once they understand their social media audience, they will be able to effectively connect with the lucrative user base.

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