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Textbroker Top 5: Email Tips For SES Conference

We asked for your best email marketing tip for our presentation at SES San Francisco. Laurie from Mountain View gave us the winning tip: “Make sure the recipient knows how long the content of the email is valid. Without urgency, they might wait to take action until later, and without a date they might assume the offer is over when it's still valid.”

You can still register for SES SF and save 20% with the code 20TEXT. We’ll be sharing the stage with the marketing manager from the Oakland Raiders, and hope to see you there!

There’s no contest or limited-time offer this week, so enjoy these stories at your convenience.

Does SEO Even Work For Small Businesses? (YouMoz)

This latest salvo in the PPC vs SEO wars analyses the latest forms of ads and how that has shifted costs, clicks and effectiveness. Previous research shows that PPC is more effective with organic listings on the page, and good content helps both PPC and SEO.

5 Ways Crowdsourcing Improves Your Content Marketing (Convince and Convert)

Content outsourcing can save you more than just time. Check out these insights on what other benefits crowdsourcing your content can bring you.  The last benefit is the most controversial, though. I don’t agree that things have to broken down as small as possible, but tasks have to be defined as clearly as possible.

Content Beyond The Search Engine (InboundWriter)

This colorful infographic tracks digital communication growth. Some highlights include conversion rates for the length of a search query, pieces of content shared daily, and a drop in reliance on traditional search engines to find sites. Social search is coming, and this infographic shows it in a nutty way.

A 2-Step Editorial Calendar Template that Can Boost Your Content Marketing Productivity (CMI)

If the idea of an editorial calendar makes you cringe, try this simple, two-step template to reduce up-front planning and avoid writer’s block. The two cycles proposed in this article keep your schedule responsive to current trends.

Gmail Messages to Appear in Google SERPS (SearchEngineWatch)

The latest change in Google’s results page will include Gmail messages if you are logged in to your Google account. Fortunately, Gmail messages are not included in the main results column. Luckily for SEOs, they show in the upper right-hand corner, which usually has ads. We will see if these results merge into the main listings.

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