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Textbroker Top 5 – End of Year Marketing Tips

Want to make the most of your end of the year content strategy and digital PR efforts? Of course, you do! Check out these five tips from some of our favorite online marketing gurus on the Web.

Within the SEO realm, we all know that a website’s technical aspects, content development and link building are interconnected. In other words, if one area is not up to par, it is challenging for the others to fully perform.

With less than thirty days remaining in 2012, the clock is ticking on those last-minute marketing campaigns. Want to make the most of your end of the year content strategy and digital PR efforts? Of course, you do! Check out these five tips from some of our favorite online marketing gurus on the Web.

Link Building 101 – The Almost Complete Link Guide (Updated for Post-Penguin)

Have your rankings recovered from Google Penguin yet? If not, we know you are looking for real solutions in terms of link building. A top priority in the SEO realm, link building post-Penguin is not for the faint of heart. In this day and age, it requires quite a bit of dedication. For a comprehensive guide, check out this article.

Why Reputation Management Should Be Your Top Marketing Priority
Any business requires an investment of time, money and much more. But reputation management is not an aspect of business that should operate on autopilot. We’ve all heard of the phrase, <i>perception is reality</i>. In the world of digital marketing, it certainly applies. Nowadays, online reputation plays an integral role in a potential consumer’s buying decisions. If your online reputation is less than desirable or even non-existent, an individual searching for your business type will often opt to move on to the competition. With public perception, the details will always matter — consumers judge a business on everything from online reviews to the quality of content featured on its brand website.

Website Quality Indicators That Can Sink Your SEO Battleship
Quality content is only as good as the website where it is featured. This article provides a clear and concise overview of best practices for any website by covering topics like content spam, internal links and a variety of other quality indicators.

How to Get Started with Benchmarking for Content Marketing

In terms of content marketing, what sort of digital footprint is your competition leaving on the Web? Begin with the end in mind by consistently assessing and monitoring the competition. Make a solid effort to compare your company’s performance metrics with those of top organizations within your industry. In a nutshell, benchmarking will only help your organization improve its performance.

NYT editor unsure if reporters are print or digital – and that’s a good thing

Whether you create content for an online media outlet or a product website, your digital strategy must continue to evolve over time. As we approach 2013, allocate some time to assessing the type of content your company creates for online users, as well as the entire online marketing strategy being utilized.

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