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Textbroker Top 5 – Link-Building Strategies

You can ask five different content marketing experts about link building, and you’ll get twelve different strategies. So how can you pinpoint which ones are real, repeatable strategies and which suggestions are happy coincidences for the person who swears by them?

The reality is, it’s difficult to differentiate between link-building gold and the rest, and it’s impossible to just try everything – you could try new ideas every week for years and still not pinpoint the strategy that works for you.  But three things to keep in mind while formulating your linkbuilding strategy are:

  • A strong link profile positions you as a market leader.
  • It’s important to do your research – Identify links that show high ROI and replicate them with similar content or with content on similar target sites.
  • Know that there are no shortcuts – link building is a long-term strategy.

Top 5 Articles In Content Marketing This Week

Content Outreach Mistakes: 4 Things You Never Realized You Were Doing Wrong (Search Engine Journal) – When it comes to content marketing, we all could use more tips.  It’s important for companies to put out professional and error free content, and the process can be long and demanding.  Luckily, there are several things that can be done to make the process smoother for all involved.

Where Good Content Goes Wrong (Search Engine Watch) – Google Panda and Penguin have changed content strategies.  Old, outdated strategies can lead to bad search engine placement and lost revenue.  There are several things to keep in mind when creating content that will allow the content to pass Panda and Penguin.  These strategies are easy to follow and will result in greater revenue.

Why You Need to Consider Professional Voice-Over In Your Content Marketing: Interview with Terry Daniel (Content Marketing Institute) – The days of purely written content are over.  In order to fully engage a 2012 audience, content marketing needs to utilize all mediums at its disposal.  Adding voice-overs allows companies to give their content a “voice” and provides a low-cost method to connect with audiences.

Reputation Management 101: Staying At the Top (Content Equals Money) – Keeping your name at the top of search results is one of the most important tasks for small business owners and freelancers.  Unless a person has an incredibly unique name, it is impossible for them to “start at the top,” but by following several tips, they should be able to improve their brand name and reputation.

Why Guest Blogging Works (A Guest Post) (Outbrain) – Utilizing guest bloggers can be very helpful for any person that maintains a blog.  Guest bloggers add another voice to a blog’s atmosphere, increases cross-audience participation and helps alleviate the stress of finding daily topical subjects.

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