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Textbroker Top 5: Planning And Testing Can Be Just As Important As The Content

This week’s articles look at current trends and how to test whether they are a good fit for your audience.

Planning and testing are a content marketer’s two best friends. While instincts are important when trying to connect to an audience, there are always surprises and things that are overlooked. By investing in thorough testing and using the results to create an exhaustive plan, a content marketer is sure to increase their return on investment. This week’s articles look at current trends and how to test whether they are a good fit for your audience.

Top 5 Articles In Content Marketing This Week

The Ultimate Guide to Content Planning (SEOMOZ)

Implementing a plan for content creation plays a pivotal role when trying to reach an audience. With Google rewarding “good” content, it’s now more important than ever to create real content that keeps the audience in mind. There are several steps that can be taken when planning content that will increase the chance that the content connects with the right audience at the right time.

10 Tools to Tell What’s Hot Today (Right Now Even)! (Search Engine Journal)

Writing about popular trends is important for any content marketer. Catching a trending topic at just the right time can grow an audience exponentially and bring more eyes to a site. There are several tools that can be used to track trending topics in real time.

Social Media ROI: How To Define a Strategic Plan (Search Engine Watch)

It can be hard to quantify the benefits of social media marketing. In some ways, social media marketing is still in its infancy, and content marketers are still trying to figure out the benefits of sites like Facebook and Twitter. Forming a strategic framework for social media marketing can help content marketers create goals for content and ROI.

5 Steps for Multivariate Testing Your Online Marketing (Convince & Convert)

Multivariate testing is an important step for marketers that wish to connect with diverse audiences. The process can quickly gauge what differing audiences want, and it can be easily done in five simple steps.

Design Trends: What’s Hot in Web Typography Right Now (BlueGlass)

Presentation is an important factor in content marketing. Packaging good content in a pretty wrapper can be important for drawing an audience in. Ugly sites and ugly style are sure to turn away customers before the content has a chance to grab them. There are several hot web typography trends that may shed some insight into what engages an audience.

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