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Textbroker Top 5 – Post-Holiday Planning

This week's list highlights how to start planning next year's marketing strategies, if Google thinks too highly of themselves, how to ruin your SEO efforts instantly and cashing in on the mobile market.

Retail content sites have SEO’ed their sites to no end in anticipation of the two biggest shopping days of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While those days are now in the past, most site owners are already looking towards next year and where they can improve to take advantage of squandered opportunities. This week’s list highlights how to start planning next year’s marketing strategies, if Google thinks too highly of themselves, how to ruin your SEO efforts instantly and cashing in on the mobile market.

Originality Is Content Marketers’ Greatest Challenge
A recent study by Curata shows that content marketing is the leading strategy for online marketers, which may not surprise you. The leading obstacles to pursuing a successful content marketing strategy just might. Discover what is slowing your competition from leveraging content marketing with this new research.

Social Media Mishaps to Avoid this Year

While you are trying to build your site in the upcoming year, you need to avoid negative press and publicity. Nothing is worse than building up a great site than to have it knocked down by a stupid social media mistake that will be shared to millions of people. This article goes over five major mistakes that big box retailers made over the past year, such as capitalizing on natural disasters. Read this to keep your brand squeaky clean.

Don’t Ignore the Mobile Users

This is probably the last year that you can avoid the elephant in the room, and that elephant is mobile users. Many webmasters and SEO professionals have avoided the mobile market because they are afraid or just don’t understand how it works. This year, you will need to tackle that subject; otherwise you avoid losing a ton of traffic and potential sales during next year’s holiday rush.

Link Building for Small Business Owners

As a small business or website owner, you simply do not have the massive budget to compete with the big box stores on Black Friday. That doesn’t mean you can’t profit, but it does mean you need to really focus on your link building techniques, especially with all the recent changes from the Penguin and Panda updates. This article provides insightful thoughts on how to build links naturally, which is how Google has always intended it to be. Build links the right way for next year and reap the profits in no time!

FTC Dropping Anti-Trust Case

The FTC recently announced that they had evidence that Google favored their own products in searches over their competitors. While you may not compete with Google directly, this does have an impact on how you view your SEO efforts for the holiday season. When choosing niches, it is best to stay away from areas that are dominated by Google if you are using SEO to primarily promote your product. Google will naturally favor themselves in the results. The decision may have a silver lining to it, because if the FTC did go forward with this case, you may have had to worry about yet another update to their algorithm.

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