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Textbroker Top 5 – Social Integration Tips

Social media has taken the nation by storm – The Walking Dead incorporates mobile content into episodes, TLC features tweets in their commercials, and some experts say that Facebook data actually predicted the election. How can you as an online or content marketer integrate your blog and the ever-growing suite of social sites to grow your readership? This week’s topics help answer that question.

Building a Relationship as a Blogger
If you are looking to start your own blog, you will want to make sure you have content that others want to read. Beyond just getting your blog filled with content, you will also need to build traffic and gain recognition. Building a solid stream of traffic is an investment that will last a lifetime. From starting your blog to building a relationship with new prospects, everything you need to be successful is outlined in one simple piece.

The Missing Link: What is it and Are You at Risk?
Attention spans are short. Google’s headlines and Twitter’s character limits are even shorter. Tracky’s collaboration tactics and “Rule of 60” give a framework for the perfect piece of content.

Facebook Forever Changed Thanks to Pinterest
Facebook is facing serious competition from the upstart Pinterest. Research shows that users are far more likely to make a purchase after using Pinterest than Facebook. For a detailed reasoning of what draws users to Pinterest and methods for getting in on the action, read the article and discover how much there is for you on the next great social media platform.

Measuring How Successful Your Content Marketing Strategies Are
Marketers have been attempting to measure campaign success from the first print ad and radio jingle. This article defines the right data to leverage onsite and offsite social media reporting opportunities to get a clear picture of how effective your campaigns are.

Charging for Facebook: What Next?
Can you imagine having to pay to send a message through Facebook? Plenty of top names, like Mark Cuban and George Takei are complaining that the filters Facebook uses wants them to pay a fee to make sure their messages are delivered to fans. People were under the impression that the service was free to them, but now, they are being stuck with what they are told is a glitch in the system. Seems a little odd, don’t you think?

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