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Fast Track to Five Stars: Textbroker University

Here at Textbroker, when you succeed, we also succeed, so we take serious interest in providing our authors with high-quality learning materials. By reviewing these lessons, taking them to heart and practicing what you learn, you will increase your odds of reaching that elusive fifth star tremendously.



Carlene Palm

Manager, Client & Author Services

Are you a 4-star writer with the heart of a 5-star author? Have you noticed you’re getting strong ratings evaluations, with only one or two errors highlighted? Maybe there’s a missing hyphen, a set of nonessential clause commas or an occasional typo that’s keeping you from otherwise perfect articles. If you’re ready for the next level, Textbroker wants to help you reach 5-star status quickly with TBU.


What is TBU?

Textbroker University is a set of tutorials and quizzes designed to help you brush up on those couple of grammar skills that might be holding you back from perfection. Our editors have put together the most common errors that we find are keeping our 4-star authors from reaching five stars and put them in a handy pdf that you can download and keep by your side while you’re writing. Plus, you’ll find an AP Style cheat sheet, and we give you tips for identifying common grammar obstacles so that you can add them to your proofreading arsenal.

What’s Covered by TBU?

Below are a few of the sections covered by TBU. After you go through each section online, you’ll find a link to a quiz and, ultimately, have a chance at a Final Evaluation test that puts you on the fast track to an expedited 5-star review. In the meantime, make sure your assigned writing reflects what you’ve learned so that it can be accurately evaluated.
Adverbial Clauses. One of the toughest grammar rules is the adverbial clause. Subordinating conjunctions begin adverbial clauses and tell you how, when or why, adding complexity to a sentence. Common examples of subordinating conjunctions are because, when, if, since and although. When you sign up for TBU, you’ll learn a clever trick to identify whether you have an adverbial clause and where and when to place the commas.
Hyphens. It’s easy enough to say that hyphens connect compound adjectives, but it can be tricky to identify them. Plus, hyphens turn two words into one, and sometimes, you are this close to hitting that minimum word count. Ultimately, though, they’re another essential part of making a sentence clear. You can check out our hyphen blog to help with preparing for the TBU hyphen quiz.
Nonessential Clauses. Comma placement stumps even the best writers. And while you might be a pro when it comes to placing a comma before a coordinating conjunction that links two independent clauses, knowing whether a phrase within a sentence is essential or not can be more complicated.


The Process

If you’re a 4-star author looking to improve your writing and boost your income, sign up for Textbroker University.
Step 1. Read the TBU packet and take the practice quizzes.
Step 2. Take the Final Evaluation test. If you don’t pass, you can retake it once a month.
Step 3. Take the 5-star advancement test. You might have already taken Textbroker’s proofreading test. If you passed it or if you already took the new 5-star advancement test, you won’t have to repeat this step.
Step 4. Now that you’re armed with new tips and tricks, complete some new orders so that we can see you demonstrate your improved writing capabilities.
Step 5. Contact Textbroker Author Services at [email protected], and request the 5-star expedited rating.
Step 6. If your expedited rating contains no errors, you will automatically be promoted to 5 stars. If errors are found, you are still eligible for 5 stars once you achieve the standard two flawless evaluations.


Reach For The Stars

Here at Textbroker, when you succeed, we also succeed, so we take serious interest in providing our authors with high-quality learning materials. By reviewing these lessons, taking them to heart and practicing what you learn, you will increase your odds of reaching that elusive fifth star tremendously. Good luck, authors!

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KJ Worth 30. August 2019 - 0:22

Thank you for this post and the handy pdf. I think I’m gonna go for it!


Hilary Toland 30. August 2019 - 22:01

Thank you so much for the helpful article. I was hoping to download the ‘handy pdf’ but it links back to the home page instead of a PDF file. My browser is showing the following link:". I noticed the same problem with the ‘hyphen blog’ link.


corteznapue 6. September 2019 - 20:17

Thanks for spotting this! The issue is fixed now.


Stepfanie 20. September 2019 - 16:00

This is awesome! Thank you for putting this together.


Leo 30. September 2019 - 7:02

Thank you very much for this information. It is very informative.

I have two questions for you.

I have signed up with Does it make a difference whether I contact to request to take the test, or do I need to contact

To sign up for TBU, is everyone to sign up at this one place, or is there a TBU for the UK authors as well?

I’m looking forward to your response sent to my email.

Thank you.




TB Staff 1. October 2019 - 10:15

Thank you for your message! UK authors must contact the support team for our UK site. Unfortunately, our US site can only provide information for our US authors.


Missy 19. October 2019 - 19:10

I would like to do this. I was a 4-star up until a few months ago when, for some reason, I got dropped back to 3-star. It was frustrating. I had written a lot on the 4-star level and received a good bit of positive feedback from clients. Recently, I have taken a break for a couple of months. I believe because of the stress of trying to be perfect here and to help my daughter set up at college. I’m trying to get back into it, but I’m a little depressed at my level here at TB.


TB Staff 22. October 2019 - 10:25

Hi Missy!
Thank you for your comments. We know it can be frustrating when you drop a quality level. However, this is a great opportunity to work on improving your writing! Please reach out to our Author Services team and they can provide more information on the most common mistakes that authors make!


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