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Did you enjoy our lesson on proofreading? While making sure that omissions and typos that can ruin your document is key to being a successful writer of any kind, another common issue at the 3-star level is filler, fluff and irrelevant copy. Word stuffing is, for obvious reasons, strongly discouraged at Textbroker, but when adequate information is not readily available, authors often resort to including information in their document that doesn’t strengthen their case, is overtly repetitive or is just flat out off-topic.

At the 4-star level, our clients order copy for many more reasons than to boost their search ranking. 4-star content is meant to be read, and people want to read strong arguments where the text is relevant to the topic and to their needs. Text that isn’t suited to these needs distracts the reader and drags the article away from its purpose.

Nicole and Jamie, Textbroker editors, put together a detailed document on filler busting, which can help you diagnose and resolve filler issues.

Check it out here

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Lesson Three: Commas