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We offer two lesson plans to improve your writing: Our introductory class teaches basic grammar rules, and our Textbroker University course provides information targeted toward authors trying to reach the coveted 5-star status.

Textbroker University is a program designed to help authors move up.
When you succeed, we succeed. Questions? Comments? Need a grammar tip? Email [email protected].
The Author Services team is always happy to help!

Introductory Class

Visualize grammar with helpful cheat sheets.
Learn grammar basics to improve your writing.

Get Started!

Textbroker University Course

Learn how to avoid common mistakes that prevent authors from reaching 5-star status.
Take practice tests on the coursework.
Pass the final TBU exam, and receive a special expedited rating.

Enter The Classroom!

Higher-quality articles are ranked higher in search engine results. Many clients order their content through 4-star OpenOrders and TeamOrders to get the quality they need. With so much opportunity available at the 4- and 5-star levels, we want to help you get promoted.

The faster you move up, the sooner you can start taking advantage of your increased earning potential.