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A Review of The Novel Factory

The Novel Factory is a great resource for developing a novel. But you may still need help writing all the chapters.  Textbroker is at your service!

Learning About The Novel Factory

We all know of software that can help with our writing.  One in particular, The Novel Factory has some unique features that can help when you’re writing a novel.  

What is The Novel Factory? 

The Novel Factory offers a platform for aspiring authors.  It contains numerous templates, a long list of resources, and various features to help you plan your content.  This is combined with an easy interface to provide users with a great solution for writing and constructing an excellent novel. 

Can The Software Teach Me To Write A Novel? 

The software doesn’t necessarily teach you to write a novel, but it does guide you through the components of creating a novel, in a simplistic fashion. 

The software comes with a roadmap to help with your novel outline.  The guide is advanced and very useful.  It takes you through the steps of beginning your novel, which include:

  • Helping you form a premise
  • Developing the “Plot Outline”
  • Helping you identify characters
  • Developing a short story
  • Generating scenes
  • Designing character sketches
  • Scene blocking
  • And more

While this direction is excellent and much needed for authors, writing each chapter will still be your job.

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Other Features

Even though The Novel Factory doesn’t teach you how to write, it does offer various other valuable features to help you build a fantastic novel.

Plot Manager

Templates are included to help you develop an exciting plot.  The templates are based on different structure outlooks and help you envision your story.

Subplot Manager

The Plot Manager (mentioned above), helps you manage subplots within your novel.

Using an Agent

One of the most intriguing perks of The Novel Factory is that it walks you through the process of submitting your work to an agent.  The software even helps you design an effective cover letter.


The app teaches you the process of completing a novel as you go.  This helps you steer in the right direction to ensure your book is congruent. 

These steps are detailed throughout the software in video and content format.  As a bonus, even templates are included at each stage.

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Is The Novel Factory Free? 

As of today, the Novel Factory has a couple of different price points.  There is also a 30-day free trial!

One is a basic package, which is $75 a year.  This includes access to designing one novel and 50MB of storage.

Next, they offer the standard package for $198 a year.  This includes allowing you to write complete novels with up to 500MB of storage.

Finally, the premium package allows you to write complete novels, and you also receive access to 5GB of storage.  This is priced at $600 a year.

Is The Novel Factory the right software for you? 

If you are new to writing a novel, this software is exciting.  The road map is beneficial, as well as the templates and videos.  All you need to do is focus on writing your novel, or let Textbroker produce content for your future endeavor.



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