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Top 10 Tattoos with Terrible Grammar

This week, we bring you a list of times the spell check button was nowhere to be found. Check out our top 10 favorite grammatically incorrect tattoos!

Hello Authors,

We hope you’re all having a wonderful week. In the spirit of spring, it’s time to break out the Daisy Dukes and let your tattoos fly free. Remember, though, getting inked can be an experience of self-discovery, but it can also be a complete disaster! This week, we bring you a list of times the spell check button was nowhere to be found. Check out our top 10 favorite grammatically incorrect tattoos!


I’m amsome: Here is an ode to the ego and to superlatives everywhere — when you’re less “awe” and more “some”.



It’s get better: Will it get better? Only time and a bit more ink will tell.



A love thicker then blood: Thick love and then blood — and in that order! This tattoo has quite the homonym hang up.



My mom is my angle: Even angels have angles.



I am a marshian: We have a feeling Marvin would be mighty upset by this! Women are from Venus, men are from Mars, and Martians are from…marshes?



My life my chois: No fancy French spelling here — just a series of wrong choices.



Life it what you make it: Ever wish you could hit the backspace button just one more time?



Don’t waste you’re time on me: From song lyrics to incoherence, all it takes is the help of an extra vowel.



Keep smileing: Turn that frown upside down, and turn your spell check on!



No pen no gain: This person may have created an accidental “freelancer’s motto” by butchering this colloquial phrase. No pen, no gain indeed!

In conclusion, remember that spell check is your friend! Whether you’re getting tattooed or writing content for Textbroker, one missed apostrophe can make a world of difference.

What’s your biggest grammatical pet peeve? Answer in the comments below!

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631645 5. April 2016 - 5:22

Thanks for the advice. I’ll be sure to use those commas, which help so much in setence structure. 🙂


657403 28. August 2016 - 15:36

Snapchat is moving forward as a way to communicate our silly side…


9636 28. April 2017 - 6:16

Haha, *…learn something from it.* (guess I accidentally backspaced the "it". Kinda funny given the topic!)


702187 30. April 2017 - 12:35

Thanks for sharing.


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