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Top 4 Takeaways from PubCon Las Vegas 2016

Last week was the annual PubCon conference in Las Vegas. Read our top four takeaways from this year's conference.

Last week was the annual PubCon conference in Las Vegas. Content marketing has changed a lot in recent years, and this large conference gathers together some of the best minds in the field. Here are our top four takeaways from this year's conference.

1. Reputation is everything.

With search engines constantly updating their algorithms, it's getting harder and harder keep the right content in front of your leads. One of the most damaging problems for a brand can be bad reviews. But with so many sites out there, how do companies stay ahead of bad press?

There are companies that specialize in suppressing bad reviews and promoting brands, but not everyone can afford to do that. One of the easiest ways to combat this is to simply ask your happy customers to post a review. Good experiences are less likely to get a review, so having them out there is more powerful. They can balance out the more negative reviews and help people get a more well-rounded view of your company.

2. Don't be afraid to stand out.

From a blackjack tournament to money grabbing machines, some companies had really creative ways to advertise and draw attention to their booths at the show. These booths often had the most people hanging around and gave representatives more opportunity to make their pitch.

Thinking outside the box on content can also make you stand out among the crowd and give you a better opportunity to convert leads. Find ways to keep potential buyers on your site through polls, quizzes, and other interactive content. Include unusual content that people wouldn't necessarily expect from you to catch their interest. The more unique your idea, the more buzz you'll get.

3. Keep up or lose out.

Social media seems to be constantly changing these days. Target changes and platforms that are more likely to appeal to your particular target market and focus on those. If you try to do too much, you may fall behind on an important trend and cause your customers to move on to another brand. By focusing in on the most important platforms to your audience, you can stay relevant and draw in more people by showing that you're paying attention.

4. Find your voice.

Anything that appears to be advertising or marketing is suspect these days. Search engines are cracking down on making sure ads are labeled and content is useful rather than promotional. People are also more aware and wary of traditional marketing tactics. To ensure your audience trusts you as a subject matter expert, you need to find your voice. Have a position and back it up. Whether you choose to be humorous, on trend, snarky, or educational, you have to find a cohesive theme that connects with your audience and stick with it. Again, the more unique your voice, the more recognizable your brand will

Be Willing to Adapt

Because content marketing is constantly changing and adapting, your brand must too. What all these ideas have in common is change. Be aware of changes in your market and adjust your content strategy to fit it. In the end, being static can kill your brand.


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