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Eloquent in every language, with a translation service for every market.

Speak the language of your customers, no matter where they are, and increase your foreign sales with appropriate content for each target market.

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Textbroker offers unique content in 36 languages and a worldwide translation service

You are already internationally active; want to expand your business beyond national borders or need foreign language content for other purposes? Whether it’s a multilingual product description or a multilingual campaign, the Textbroker platform allows you to have texts translated quickly and easily — in any language in the world. Alternatively, have unique content written directly in your preferred language and entrust us with your entire project.

TranslationOrder Tutorial

Using the TranslationOrder function, you can have your texts translated — quickly and easily — via our user-friendly platform. Watch the video to find out how.

Our tip for unique content in different languages: Have your new text written via our Self-Service platform and then create a TranslationOrder. This way, you will receive unique content in all the languages you need.

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Order your translation in the TranslationOrder function from as little as 8 cents per word

Especially in e-commerce, the right content influences your business and your website’s conversion rates. Professional content in the local language is one of the most important components of your international content strategy. You can easily have your content translated via our Self-Service platform:

  • Translations in any language: Fast, inexpensive and scalable with the new TranslationOrder!
  • Supported by state-of-the-art AI, and certified language professionals give your texts the final touch!
  • Simple price structure: 8 cents/word for Western languages, 10 cents/word for Nordic and Asian languages

Worldwide translation service: We translate between all language combinations

Have your content translated into these languages:
English Norwegian English (UK)
Russian German Czech
French Slovak Dutch
Greek Italian Turkish
Spanish Chinese (Simplified) Portuguese
Japanese Portuguese (Brazil) Korean
Polish Hebrew Swedish
Arabic Danish Hindi
Finnish Croatianand many more …

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TranslationOrder: It’s that easy

1. Register for free on our easy-to-use platform.


TranslationOrder Step 1

2. Select “TranslationOrder” and enter the source text to be translated in the mask provided.


TranslationOrder Step 2

3. Choose your target language.

If necessary, you can have your text translated into several languages at once.

TranslationOrder Step 3

4. You will receive a professional translation that has been fine-tuned by a certified language professional with the help of state-of-the-art A.I.

By combining man and machine, you will receive a high-quality translation that perfectly matches the tone of the local language.

TranslationOrder Step 4

Need fresh content in a foreign language and don’t want to spend your time on it?

Textbroker’s Managed Service delivers fresh content written by native speakers in over 36 languages. Our team will handle your entire content project, including the required translations or localizations. The price depends on the type and scope of the project. You’ll receive custom pricing based on the language and scope of the project, starting at $1,000. Alternatively, you can use our Self-Service platform.

Professional Content in 36 Languages
English (US) English (UK) German
French Dutch Italian
Spanish Portuguese Portuguese (Brazil)
Polish Swedish Danish
Finnish Norwegian Russian
Czech Hungarian Slovak
Slovenian Romanian Bulgarian
Serbian Croatian Greek
Turkish Ukrainian Estonian
Lithuanian Chinese Japanese
Korean Arabic Hindi
Thai Vietnamese Malaysian

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Textbroker is your partner for international content

Take advantage of our translation service for all your markets now and impress your customers worldwide with professional communication.



From just 8 cents/word

  • Translations in 45+ languages

  • Fast, inexpensive and scalable in our Self-Service platform

  • For large and small budgets – from just 8 cents/word

  • AI-powered translations polished by certified language professionals

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Translation Service

Starting at $1,000 Project Budget

  • Unique Content in 36+ languages

  • We will manage your entire project and deliver the content to you

  • Available for translation projects with a minimum budget of $1,000

  • Native speakers write your content in a concise, succinct manner

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