Trending: A Trick or A Treat?

The goal of content marketing is to get people to read your content- and get to know your brand. But trying to reach a broader audience while still targeting those that need your services can be difficult. Brands often try to connect their content with trending social media topics, holidays, and current news stories to expand their audience. But is this a good strategy in the long run?

While it may get your content in front of more people, it may also fade into the general noise that surrounds many current events. So how do you determine whether it’s worth capitalizing on a trend? There are 4 questions that can make your decision easier.

Is it relevant to my audience?

If the topic you want to use is too narrow and will only interest a small portion of your larger target audience, you’ll end up limiting your potential reward. Make sure that any topic you address in your content is something that most people will understand. Annual holidays (like Halloween) can be useful because they won’t get dated easily and nearly everyone will understand any references you make (such as our title). However, it’s also important to remember that if you have a large international market, holidays may occur on different days, have differing levels of importance, or even not be known in different countries. Other topics that are usually relevant to a larger audience include:

  • National or worldwide sporting competitions
  • Political topics
  • Seasonal/weather related topics
  • Ongoing international news stories

Is it controversial?

A little controversy is not always a bad thing, but connecting your brand to a topic that could anger customers might cause you to lose some. It’s important to choose topics that cause good-natured debates. These can benefit your brand by getting people talking.

Can I organically connect it to my content?

Choosing a topic that doesn’t match your voice can cause the conversation about your brand to go in the wrong direction. Similarly, trying to connect your content to an idea that doesn't mesh well can cause readers to discuss what you were trying to do instead of what you were trying to say. Ensure that any trending topic you choose makes sense with both the overall voice of your brand and the specific piece of content being published.

Does it have staying power?

Many trending topics on social media only remain relevant for a few hours. With so much content being posted all the time, the last thing you want to do is limit the amount of time that your piece gets noticed. Figure out if the topic is going to have the longevity you want before using it to boost your content.   

How you promote your content is as important as the piece itself. Staying relevant by using current events and social media trends to boost your brand can be beneficial if done correctly. Consider all the angles before making use of any trend.

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