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Create Unique Content for Every Generation

Every generation responds to content in a different way. Content marketing is all about adding value to the user's life. Adding value to a millennial's life is going to take a different approach than adding value to a baby boomer's life. That's why your content creation goals should include creating content specific to each generation.

Create content for all generations


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Content Guidelines Across the Generations

No matter who you are writing for or targeting, some principles of content marketing remain the same. First, you want to ensure that your content is more than just an advertisement. It needs to be educational, entertaining or otherwise valuable to a reader. It should also be unique, which is how you can stand out from a crowded SEO pool.

You want your content to have authority as well. If you’re writing on behalf of a brand or an organization, be an authoritative voice. By showing that you’re an industry leader, you can associate your brand with being the best in the field. Finally, content isn’t valuable unless it is seen. You’ll need to create content and then distribute it. That could be through social media or email marketing depending on your intended audience.

Content for Generation Z

Generation Z, also known as Boomlets, are people born after 2001. They are the youngest generation that you’ll need to create content for, and they have a specific set of needs you’ll want to address. First, virtually all of their online use is on mobile devices. If your content is designed for viewing on computers, you won’t effectively reach this demographic.

This generation is also highly visual. Video content has been growing rapidly, and Generation Z is largely responsible for that. This is a generation with unparalleled technological knowledge and a thirst for the new and different. They are also good at tuning out the noise and advertisements, so you have to ensure that your content doesn’t look too much like an ad.

This is a generation that responds to peer suggestion. Shareable content should be the goal. Whether you’re creating a blog article or a visual for Snapchat, ensure that it is something worth sharing. In the same vein, stay ahead of emerging social media platforms because that is where most Generation Z members can be found first.

Content for Millennials

The millennial generation, also known as Generation Y, is made up of people born between 1980 and 2000. This is an interesting group because most of them learned about tech while growing up. Although many aren’t what you might call digital natives, they are tech-savvy as a whole.

More than any other generation, millennials are concerned with fairness, equality and social justice. This is a group that wants to know the values of brands and corporations. When creating content geared toward millennials, it may be helpful to share this information. Whether you’re giving back to the local community or preserving the environment, making those details known also makes your content more shareable among Generation Y.

Millennials are the generation most interested in reviews. Before they pick a restaurant or buy a product on Amazon, they are typing things into search engines and getting instant online feedback. That’s why SEO is critical when sharing content with millennials. Organic keyword usage is important, and so is ensuring that your content gets seen on search engine results pages by the right audience.

Content for Generation X

Generation X is typically defined as those born between 1965 and 1979. This is a group that didn’t grow up with technology as children, but they have quickly become fans of social media. This group has tremendous purchasing power and often children in the home, so it’s an important market for companies to connect with.

This is a generation that has mobile devices but prefers to make purchases from desktop computers. Therefore, it’s worth ensuring that your content is formatted to mobile and non-mobile devices. Generation X is also more interested in long-form content than younger generations. Full blog articles or even e-books will appeal more to this group. However, it is still crucial to create content that can be easily skimmed. Generation X is busy, and they want to get the best information possible without spending a long time doing so. Keep content formatted nicely, easy to read and highlighted so that readers can get to relevant information in a hurry.

Content for Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers are the generation born between 1946 and 1964. Born after World War II, Baby Boomers are relatively new to the world of online marketing and content. Nonetheless, you can connect with them through SEO content and through social media platforms like Facebook. For this generation, content marketing can be more direct. Baby Boomers aren’t concerned with marketing that looks like a marketing campaign. In fact, they respond well to direct marketing. Feel free to create content that clearly highlights the value of your brand at regular intervals.

When creating unique content for Baby Boomers, pay attention to style and visibility. Content should be easy to read, especially if Baby Boomers are trying to read your content from a smartphone or a tablet. Using slang or unusual fonts will only detract from your message, not help you stand out. Don’t talk down to Baby Boomers or make them feel technologically inadequate.

Content marketing is still one of the best ways to connect with an audience at any age. However, each generation requires unique content creation and distribution. These tips can help you create a stronger relationship with Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers alike.

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