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Using Author Profiles

This tutorial will help you:

  • Find authors
  • Save authors tofavorites or teams
  • Message authors
  • Give authors bonuses
  • Blacklist authors


We’ve recently improved the depth and detail of our author profiles, improving your ability to find content writers in the niches you need. Here’s how to interpret and use all the options available in the new profiles:

Profile Overview

When you log in and click on the “Authors” tab, you’ll automatically see the new author search screen. Your favorites and blacklist are still available in the sub-menu directly underneath the “Authors” tab.

You’ll notice that author profiles are shown as small cards. The author’s nickname and star level are at the top of the card. Their picture, job or major, price and rejection rate are shown as well.


The “price in cents” is exactly that – the price per word that this author charges for writing. Unlike an OpenOrder, content writers can set their own price when you work with them directly. Authors can change their price, but the absolute minimum that the system allows is 1.95 cents per word, which includes Textbroker’s commission. The 30 cent processing fee per order applies to these DirectOrders as well.

The total written texts is the number of items the author has written for us. Some web writers do a large number of general articles, while others do a smaller number of in-depth reports.

The rejection rate is the number of times that a client has rejected an author’s work and Textbroker agreed. This statistic does not include revision requests, cancellations or missed deadlines.

The categories are chosen by the author and reflect the web writer’s interests and specialties. They are not chosen by Textbroker, and they are not tested by us in any way at this point.

Below the link to “show category details”  are symbols. Here’s what they do:

Envelope: Send a message to the author.

Feather: Make a personal note not shown to the author.

Check: Always auto-accept all orders from this author.

Star: Set as a favorite, making ordering much easier.

“No” Sign: Blacklist the author, preventing the author from seeing your OpenOrders.

Dollar Symbol: Give the author a cash bonus. You can give any amount for any reason. Bonuses are not tied to orders. Please note that Textbroker’s 30% commission is included in the bonus as well.

“Add author to a Team” will appear only if you have teams created. Clicking on this link will show a dropdown box of all your teams to easily add your author.

“Send [author] a DirectOrder” will send the author a DirectOrder. The order will go exclusively to this article writer at the price stated in the author’s profile. It will not go to our general author pool, even if the author misses the deadline.

“Show full profile” will show you the author’s full profile. Authors can enter information on their work history, writing history, interests and more. Samples may be available. If an author hasn’t entered an extended profile, this link will not appear.

To find article writers in your niche, try entering a term in the search box. Choosing “search in all articles” will give you more results than the default “search in profiles.” If you have too many results, you can limit authors by price, quality and rejection rate.

The extended search options allow you to search by academic degree, language, writing type and industry experience. The language filter includes Australian, UK and US English, which will make finding a writer for your local area easier.  The writing types include press releases, tweets and much more.

Enjoy finding the right authors for your projects!

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