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Using Content to Bring Awareness to the Health and Medical Industry

Whether your website helps users to find exceptional doctors in their area, offers reviews of medications by patients or describes new research about medical conditions, posting fresh content consistently can drive a large amount of traffic to each of your site’s pages.

The Search Engines 

The more often a web designer adds new content to a site, the higher the website’s rankings in the major search engines will be. After Google’s algorithm updates in 2011 and 2012, the level of authority of pages with high-quality articles that contain at least 300 words increased substantially.

Webpages with low-quality posts that have less than 250 words may actually be penalized by Google.

Selecting Keywords

The optimal keyword density for content about a subject in the medical industry is one percent to five percent. You can choose keywords for your articles that receive a relatively low number of monthly searches in Google and have hardly any competition to swiftly place the webpages that contain these posts near the top of the search results.

Creating New Links 

When you post high-quality, unique content that one of our authors has created, visitors who are interested in the article will likely add a link and a description of it to their social media profiles, forums and blog posts.

Additionally, individuals who add new information to webpages that already have high rankings in the search results, such as the pages that contain articles on Wikipedia, will cite your post as a key source.

These links will increase the webpage’s authority on the Internet and help it rise to the top of the pages of the search engines.

Outsourcing Content Creation 

At Textbroker, our highly experienced writers can create detailed descriptions of products and services, long blog posts, press releases, articles for your website, brochures and landing pages that will generate countless sales.

As one of our valued clients, you can place orders for articles that will be written by an author with a rating of your choice. You can specify the amount of time that the writer has to complete the article, and you will be able to provide a list of required keyword phrases and the number of times that each keyword must be included.

Furthermore, you can select each article’s word count. If the author writes more words than the maximum amount that you have chosen, you will never pay an extra penny.

Types Of Orders 

To request articles about the medical industry, you can post OpenOrders, TeamOrders and DirectOrders.

OpenOrders allow any writer who is at the required level or a higher level to complete the piece. TeamOrders will be written by an exclusive team of authors whom you have selected, and DirectOrders can be sent privately to an author who meets or exceeds your qualifications and has consistently produced outstanding content in the past.

Each time a writer completes one of your articles, you will have 96 hours to review and to approve the post.


If you want any type of new content for your website in the medical niche, the authors at Textbroker are ready to provide the fresh content that you desire.

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