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We Don’t Call Them Team Orders for Nothing

As Textbroker authors, you have a unique opportunity to work with a highly skilled editorial staff in order to hone your craft, improve your voice and make some money along the way.

Like Horace Greeley and Henry David Thoreau or Maxwell Perkins and Ernest Hemingway, our editorial staff and authors are carrying on the long tradition of the author-editor relationship. “The Sun Also Rises” could never have been published without Hemingway’s close working relationship with Perkins.

As Textbroker authors, you have a unique opportunity to work with a highly skilled editorial staff in order to hone your craft, improve your voice and make some money along the way. To help you better understand the relationship between our Managed Clients authors and editors, here is a brief explanation of the editorial progression.

When you click “release text,” your hard work is delivered to the Managed Clients queue, a large pool of completed orders waiting for review. From there, orders are assigned to one of Textbroker’s editors. Depending on the amount of editorial service a client has paid for, the order works its way past a series of editors, who check for proper spelling, grammar, formatting, HTML coding, word count, hyperlinks and instruction compliance over the course of a day or two.

When an order does not meet the project standards, it is sent back to the author for revision with specific requests listed out. This is when the collaborative magic happens. It is important that editors be as thorough as possible and address all concerns in one revision request, preventing the need for multiple revisions and saving you as the author time and money. Closely following each request in a timely fashion results in a quick turnaround and quick payout. As freelance writers, you are also receiving useful writing advice and tips that will improve your work if taken to heart.

The editorial progression helps with a number of things.

  • Workflow is well-managed.
  • Deadlines are met.
  • Content is as close to perfect as possible.
  • Authors are aided in improving their skills.
  • Clients receive the products they need.

Let’s say an author is having issues with filler content, or information within an order that is not helpful for the intended audience, resulting in inflated word counts. Authors may not be aware of this issue. With the problem now pointed out by the editors, authors can cut out the filler and replace it with content that is more concise. The quality of writing improves, author ratings go up, more opportunities for work materialize, clients are happier and, most importantly, you make more money.

The overall goal of this process is to “offer the best content possible to everyone everywhere for every situation.” The editor-author relationship is the lynchpin in everything we do. The goal can only be accomplished when both editors and authors communicate effectively. Textbroker continues to set the standard for freelance content creation. As our company grows, we want to ensure your skills grow with us!

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282273 10. June 2015 - 3:44

Well said, Writer Bee. I can see how this post seems ambiguous to authors who like details, yet it is an informative overview of the process. I do wish there were better ways to get clarification without having to by-pass a lucrative order while waiting for a response from a client, for that order surely will have been accepted by an author by the time the client replies.


28845 20. June 2015 - 21:57

Nice post, but wish clients would not be so eager to have articles stuffed with keywords. This creates problems when trying to write articles without the extra fluff.


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