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Connecting with customers online is a must-have strategy for startup entrepreneurs, small businesses and global corporations alike. It is a powerful way to broaden your audience, improve search engine rankings and convert visitors to customers. Before jumping into the world of content marketing, here is what you need to know about how to create relevant, compelling content that can advance your company to the next level.


What is Web Content?

Web Content is any text or multimedia that appears anywhere on the internet, including websites, social media channels and publications. It exists in dozens of formats, including blogs, images, audio, video and animation. As an accessible, inexpensive and effective method of marketing, online content has become a vital tool for building brand awareness, boosting sales and strengthening customer loyalty. Whether your goal is to entertain, educate or sell, the best content is authentic, engaging and solution-oriented.

What is Web Content


Does Content Marketing Really Work?

Short answer, yes. Publishing content establishes your online presence. High-quality content organically rises to the top of search engine rankings, which helps customers discover how great you are. When done right, web content generates three times as many leads and converts customers six times more often. Locally owned businesses benefit greatly from keyword optimized content since 72 percent of shoppers visit a store within 5 miles after performing a search for nearby locations and 28 percent of local searches result in a purchase.

Does Content Marketing Really Work

Ranking with Search Engines

It can take time to organically reach a high ranking on search engines. This is why many businesses use a keyword analysis tool to rank better. Keyword analysis tools help you decide which keywords to add to your content based on their performance on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Most of the keyword analysis tools currently on the market only offer broad SEO features, but recently, tools have been released that also focus on your competitor’s keyword performance. When you find out which keywords your competitors are using in their content, the playing field is level, making it that much easier to compete.

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What kind of web content will you need?


Content marketing is a rapidly evolving industry. Trends change with new technology and consumer whims. With so many techniques available, businesses are often scrambling to find the best method for connecting with customers. Whether you are launching your business or already run a successful company, these are the four areas of web content that you should focus on:



Building a Solid Website

A welcoming home page and a collection of engaging blogs serve as the backbone of online marketing efforts. This starting point builds your online presence so that you can appear in search engine results. However, rising up the ranks requires further development, including adding targeted keywords, detailed service descriptions, exciting product pages, an engaging About Us page and heartfelt testimonials.



Nurturing an Honest Reputation

In the digital age, savvy shoppers are comparing features and prices before making purchases. They need vivid product descriptions, transparent fees and honest reviews from others who have bought the item. Industry surveys indicate that 8 in 10 Americans consult online reviews in order to feel more confident in their purchases. Since negative reviews have a greater impact on purchasing decisions, producing copy that offers a balanced viewpoint is more effective than glowing praise for your products.



Banking Social Media Currency

An e-commerce survey conducted by the Pew Research Center found that three-quarters of consumers believe it is important to get advice from people they know. These opinions, which are most often shared on social media channels, carry weight because they are viewed as less biased. Customers also want a place to ask questions and connect with others who have similar interests. Maintaining an active social media presence allows you to connect to a larger audience, enhances your brand recognition and strengthens your website’s SEO.



Establishing Industry Credibility

You must build credibility as an authoritative source to establish yourself as an industry thought leader or a go-to retailer. You need to display innovative ideas, demonstrate your knowledge and guide others toward their own success. There is a variety of content that can help you achieve this goal, including informative white papers, revealing case studies, in-depth e-books and high-quality blog posts. The primary purpose of these pieces is to educate, not sell, so they need to be backed by relevancy, researched data and a focused point of view.

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All you need to know about web content creation

Can I Create My Own Web Content?

Most small business owners do start out writing their own website content. However, crafting copy that is engaging, authentic and solution-oriented requires an expertise that most entrepreneurs just don’t have the time to master. Additionally, various types of content have specific technical requirements, distinct tones and unique messages. Outsourcing your web content creation allows you to tap the skills of professionals without carrying the financial burden of employing an in-house marketing team.

Can I create my own content

How Can a Freelance Content Writer Improve My Online Presence?

Content writing specialists can help you gain traction in an oversaturated marketplace. They know how to satisfy search engines and make readers happy. While you may be capable of producing a home page and blog, content curators compose entertaining articles, informative listicles, exciting product descriptions, compelling press releases and captivating advertorials. They also have the versatile skills to craft how-to guides, newsletters, brochures and technical manuals. Diversifying the type of content that you publish bolsters your credibility and increases your potential for reaching new customers.

Freelance Writer Improving Content

How Can You Buy Web Content?

Traditionally, businesses have outsourced marketing work to expert agencies. While this route is most likely to produce personalized, brand-focused content that drives results, few companies can afford to hire a boutique marketing agency. Another option is to dive into the job bidding boards, such as Upwork, Freelancer or Problogger. These portals give you access to millions of freelance writers who fit within your budget, can meet your deadline schedule and will represent your brand voice. However, it can become overwhelming to sift through dozens of proposals, vet credentials, negotiate rates, settle revision disagreements and coordinate payments with every writer that you hire.

Content Icon
Content Platforms
Platforms that provide website content writing services offer another alternative to hiring expert freelance writers. These online portals eliminate many of the frustrations and uncertainties of outsourcing writing by simplifying the matchmaking process. Clients simply fund and post their project request and writers accept work that fits their skills and interests.

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