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What Quality Is Right For My Content?

Many first-time clients wonder what quality is right for their content. Before we answer this question, we’ll define what the quality levels are and offer examples of where this type of content can be used effectively.

Many first-time clients wonder what quality is right for their content. Before we answer this question, we’ll define what the quality levels are and offer examples of where this type of content can be used effectively.

Two-star content writers exhibit a basic understanding of English grammar. Misspellings and some capitalization errors can occur often. Two-star articles will exhibit correct use of periods and question marks. Overall, while there may be minor errors in logic, the article will be legible. This type of content is great for user reviews or items that require netspeak.

Three-star article writers may still make spelling mistakes, but they are usually attributed to homophone confusion (they’re/their/there and your/you’re) and minor typos. Although there might be pronoun and subject/verb agreement errors in three-star writing, they will be minor. Additionally, three-star authors will have mastered the use of definite and indefinite articles. Three-star articles, while possibly containing some fluff, will largely make logical sense and will have a discernible argument. Three-star writers are excellent for product descriptions and casual blog posts.

Four-star quality articles will have minor grammatical errors only. Complex punctuation will be used correctly: There will be very few errors in use of colons or semicolons. Dashes, parentheses, ellipses and exclamation points will be used in a way that is consistent with the AP Stylebook and is not stylistically obtrusive. The four-star article will flow well; it will be informative and entertaining without being wordy or overly colloquial. The argument in a four-star article will be strong and well-supported. Four-star content writers are a great value. They are perfect for creating more formal blog posts, social media content and articles that establish authority.

Five-star authors have proven to our editorial staff that they invariably provide professional-grade writing. All five-star authors have passed a tough proofreading test based on the AP (Associated Press) Stylebook. Each article will be nearly flawless, and five-star authors will consistently provide content that meets our stringent five-star quality standards. The argument will be extremely strong and will be presented in a style that is insightful and compelling, all while being impeccably and thoroughly researched. Our five-star authors are hand-picked by our editorial staff and represent the best that Textbroker has to offer. Five-star content writers are excellent for press releases, white papers, case studies, sales letters, promotional copy with a strong call to action and ad copy that converts.

We’ve previously talked about knowing your audience. Keep your audience in mind when choosing your quality. If you have a college-educated audience, choose level 4 or 5 quality writers to meet their expectations. If your audience is mostly teenagers, you may want to choose level 3 or 4 for a more relaxed, hip feel.

If you have any questions about what quality level is right for you, our support staff is happy to take your questions via e-mail or at 702-534-3832. Otherwise, start your next project with the right quality level for your audience with our article writing service.

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