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Why you need to choose keywords from your ads and website searches for your Textbroker orders

Keywords are the lifeblood of both SEO and PPC advertising, and to successfully market your business, you’ll need to pick the right ones. Good keyword selection requires a little analysis, a little planning ahead and a lot of trials.

First, remember that the word “keyword” is a bit of a misnomer. Think of your own experiences searching Google: When was the last time you found what you needed by typing in a single keyword? The vast majority of conversions come from key phrases, and successful content marketing depends on those two- to four-word phrases.

The trick to picking optimal keywords is to avoid going too broad or too specific. Optimizing for a very general key phrase like cheese would drive tons of traffic to your site, but unless you have a massive marketing budget or are lucky enough to own, you’re not likely to rank very highly. The competition for those generic keywords is fierce.

On the other hand, a very precise keyword like young mature gouda cheese misses the mark too. There’s less competition for those specific phrases, to be sure, and you’ll get a higher conversion rate because each user knows exactly what he or she is searching for. However, because so few people are searching for that term in the first place, you won’t get a lot of traffic. By all means, sprinkle in some of those very precise key phrases, but don’t build your entire strategy around them.

Successful keywords are specific enough to get at a customer’s intent without being too specific to bring in significant traffic. That means you’ll need to understand your target customer, determine exactly what he or she is searching for and put those key phrases in your content. It’s a somewhat labor-intensive process, but the long-term rewards are worth it; moreover, if you’re outsourcing your actual content creation, you can afford to spend more time generating keywords.

Speaking of generation, it’s important to keep generating keywords. Content marketing is a zero-sum game, which means your gain is your competitors’ loss, and they’re constantly looking for ways to beat you. Keep a close eye on your key phrases; when you notice that one search term is no longer driving enough traffic, be prepared to optimize for something else.

A final word of advice: Whenever possible, pick key phrases that sound like natural language. Such phrases are more likely to be searched and are easier to incorporate seamlessly into your content, which will help you build a better conversion rate.

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