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Working with Clients at Textbroker and Dealing with Daily Distractions

Maryanne M gives tips on focusing and working with clients.

Working with clients at Textbroker and dealing with daily distractions are two vital parts of working at home and writing articles, blogs and press releases for clientele. The following text will cover general information about both these topics as well as offer some tips to help other authors become more successful and work quickly yet proficiently. 

Positive clientele connection is extremely important, and how it is done can either make it or break it for an author. If one client is satisfied with your work, he or she may tell other clients, which could lead to receiving direct orders. Not every client is the same, and not all of them will like your specific writing. Each person prefers a different style and tone; therefore, what works for one might not work for another. 

It is vital to keep emotions separate from working with clients at Textbroker. There is an old saying, “What happens at home stays at home, and what happens at work stays at work.” It is a good statement to live by, but we are all human beings and will make mistakes and allow emotions to crop up. If that happens and we tell a client how we felt about a bad rating, we might be able to write later and apologize; however, we have probably already ruined that bond with the client by reacting and allowing our feelings to hinder our business thinking. 

Working with Clients General Tips

Communication is very important

  • If you have any hesitations as to whether you are writing an article in the manner the clients want, ask them questions, or send a nice note after submitting the article to let the client know you are willing to revise if necessary and so on.
  • If a client writes to you, try to answer the message ASAP if it is feasible.

Remain professional

  • If a client likes to joke, it is okay to joke back to a point.
  • Try to make your messages clear and concise.
  • Most generally, I use "Hello" to start a message to a client.
  • Try to end a message with "Thanks" or with "Kind Regards" or just "Regards."

The tips for working with clients are basic ones, and that is pretty much all there is to building a professional and solid bond between yourself and the clientele. If you feel nervous when writing to a client, as most people do when they first start out as a freelance writer, relax and be polite. You can recite what you want to say in Word and then copy and paste it into the Textbroker message after.

Dealing with Daily Distractions in an Easier Manner

Every person who works at home understands that there are continuously going to be distractions, either with family, friends, the telephone or online. At the same time, anyone who is working with clients at Textbroker realizes that he or she needs to get things accomplished, and he or she has to reach a specific goal each day. Therefore, either the distractions need to be minimal or the writer needs to learn how to remain productive in the midst of them. I hope the following tips help you get your work done more proficiently, save you stress and assist with reducing the level of daily distractions we all endure as at-home writers:

  • If possible, try to establish an area in the house just for you, your computer and your writing.
  • Relax and try not to be overly serious; make it a fun venture mentally instead of a "must do."
  • Figure out a schedule that works best for you, and if you have family home daily, you may need to work around their schedule, like maybe writing on the night shift.
  • With writing, it is important to feel relaxed, to be able to concentrate and to feel rested. Eat healthy meals, get at least eight hours of sleep at night and keep calm.
  • E-mails and instant messengers are huge Internet distractions for some folks; shut them off while working with clients or writing an article.
  • Telephones – landline or cellular – are big annoyances for many writers. Turn the ringer off or lower the volume.
  • Set small goals and gradually raise them to higher amounts. For example, tell yourself that you will earn $5-$10 a day for one week and see how that goes. If we set our goals too high, we work harder, lose focus and become aggravated when we do not meet those goals.
  • For folks who have people home all day and it is constantly noisy, you can listen to some music on your headphones. You can also ask family members to give you 20 minutes of time to write and then you will do something fun with them when you are done.
  • You need a comfortable chair and desk to sit in and at while writing, especially if you are sitting for hours at a time. If you are not comfortable and your back and/or neck and shoulders ache all the time, you will lose focus and not be able to write at your best.
  • Schedule when you will write, which days and at what times.
  • Schedule when you will read e-mails or answer them.
  • Schedule when you will talk on the phone or listen to voicemails.
  • Schedule time with your family or friends.
  • Schedule when you will eat and when you will sleep.
  • Allow flexibility for distractions.

Not every day will be free from distractions, not all clientele relationships will go well and things happen in life. Consequently, if a person creates a realistic schedule, leaves some openings in it for having fun and being alone, and establishes an "easy-to-reach" set of goals, it is easier to work as a freelance writer at home and be productive. Be patient with yourself and believe that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

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