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Inconsistency Cripples Content Marketing. Here’s How to Avoid It.

Want your digital outreach to thrive instead of floundering? If you'd prefer not to get caught dead in the water, the answer to staying on course might be simpler than you think: You simply need to engage in consistent content creation and deployment.

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Of course, sticking to a content publishing schedule is easier said than done, especially when you graduate from publishing a personal blog to managing an entire brand’s online presence. Here are a few suggestions for deploying engaging content more predictably while making a name for yourself or your brand.


Why Consistency Matters

Consistency is vital to branding and customer satisfaction. For instance, if your consumers come to expect a certain level of quality from your products or services, then you could sorely disappoint them by falling short, and they might take their business elsewhere as a result. If your branding design or marketing voice lacks consistency, then people will get a disjointed, jarring sensation from engaging with you instead of the smooth experiences that you’d like to cultivate.

As marketing experts continually point out, consistency drives brands forward and reinforces their messages. True, the content that you create and publish should include exciting variations that capture attention. Consistency, however, helps you ensure that audiences can keep up with your brand and stay captivated as you evolve.


How to Create Consistent Content: The Critical Components

So, what should you aim for in the quest for consistency? Written web content differs from images, videos and other outreach tools. Your forays into this information-dense media will benefit from consistency in two key areas: scheduling and voice.


Achieving Scheduling Consistency

When do you publish your content? Do people constantly need to check for your posts, or can they count on the fact that you’ll have something new to share every week or month? If they subscribe to your social media channels, can readers expect regular, well-organized posts that keep them up to date with your brand, or will they have to hunt down every scrap of news that you share?


quality of quantity content


According to one marketing strategist quoted by the Huffington Post, the average person on the internet saw around 11,250 ads per month as of late 2017. Although it may seem natural to assume that you’ll need to show people more content to get their attention, consistency and quality are far more important than quantity.

It’s essential to cultivate strong relationships with trusted authors so that you can stick to the schedule that serves you best. Consumers are apt to ignore aggressive marketers who overload their senses with messages. Make your brand more approachable by publishing on a regular, evenly paced schedule. By spacing your content out and not trying to blitz people all at once, you’ll gain the measured air of an authoritative source that routinely shares useful information.


Speaking With a Consistent Voice

Can readers tell that your blog posts come from the same source? Do you reexamine major themes to tell ongoing stories? If someone picks up your latest blog series in the middle, will they be able to get oriented quickly and follow along?


consistent voice


Consistency of voice is critical to telling the big-picture stories that capture hearts and minds. As with other forms of writing, people find it easier to follow along with marketing content when it doesn’t throw them unexpected curveballs or switch tracks mid-paragraph.

Work with writers who understand your values and personality so that they can make them shine while discussing other subjects. Maintaining a consistent brand tone doesn’t mean that you can’t explore new topics and concepts. To the contrary, it makes these little detours more effective because they don’t distract from your central focus. By developing an ongoing brand personality, you give your content a firmer foundation to grow on.


Publishing and Promoting Your Written Content More Consistently


You’ve found a team of great writers that help you maintain a reliable voice and produce content according to a regular schedule. Now, you just need to share this content consistently.

If you’re a busy business owner, blogger or thought leader, then you probably don’t have time to become a publishing house as well. Fortunately, you can make your life easier by using content platforms like Textbroker to


  • Schedule and fund orders in advance,
  • Access a wide author pool to accumulate a back catalog of blogs and social media posts for future publishing,
  • Use API tools to automate the content creation and publishing process so that you don’t have to intervene to get the content flowing to your preferred automation and post scheduling tools,
  • Manage all of your content projects at once to ensure that you maintain a consistent tone, and
  • Respond to newsworthy events by getting articles turned around quickly.


Consistent content marketing is all about creating a well-oiled machine that lets you devise and share ideas. Publishing on a dependable schedule is just as important as maintaining a tone that ties your individual posts together. The more you depend on proven systems to handle the incidental details, the more easily you’ll be able to focus on refining your core message.

Want to enrich your content marketing ecosystem? Master consistent publishing by chatting with a Textbroker specialist. Or share these tips with a friend to help them on their way to high-impact content.

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